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Jul 22, 2013, 11:29
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Good day!

I am into my first attempt at image processing. I purchased Corel Aftershot Pro but want to try GIMP for its additional sharpening tools and intelligent selection tools which are somewhat poor in Corel Aftershot Pro.

I am a seasoned Linux user who was on a linuxfromscratch build a decade back. When I moved house, I got a new PC and lack of time meant I switched to Ubuntu. That version of Ubuntu 8.4 or something made me vomit in disgust. UP until 7 years back I have been mostly a commandline user who would only launch X to surf the web. I only recenlt found a Linux distro I can live with - LinuxMint 15.

However my opinion about OpenSource Desktop remains the same. Not quiet there ... and wont be until hardware vendors are onboard something equivalent to a MSFT hardware Certification program for Linux.

I am here on this forum in desperation and frustration - because Gimp sucks! Big time!

I just spend 20 minutes searching for how to switch to a hand panning tool after I selected a lasso tool. Everywhere I click it leaves a trail of lines from the selection tool. And 20 minutes of searching have not helped me find how to disable it. Compare it to any commercial tool where the hand panning tool is nicely displayed to be selected easily even for a novice first time user.

The problem is that Linux programmers are a little too dumb when it comes UI design. I sincerely beleive they should never be allowed to draw up requirements for UI design. They may be good at the math and programming complex programs, but downright sh!theads when it comes to UI uterly lacking commonsense. But my commitment to opensource means I abandoned WIndoz a decade back and there is no turning away no matter how terrible Linux for the Desktop is. It has been getting better over the years, but only marginally.

I dont expect to make any friends here from people who will want to throw stones at me for saying this. And I dont care. But if you agree you can try and help me.

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