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Gimp on modern hardware

Jul 22, 2011, 10:25 (This post was last modified: Jul 22, 2011 10:32 by muziqaz.)
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Gimp on modern hardware
Hi, I have been using gimp for like 7 (?) years. Love it a lot. Free, very powerful image manipulation program. I am not an expert by far. I would consider myself to be a noob, even, as I have been using GIMP just for some random stuff, like resizing images, correcting them a bit, fixing wallpapers to my liking, creating some gifs, forum avatars, etc. Nothing major. I use it because I support open source as well. So I could even call myself a Gimp fanboy.
Anyways, when I 1st started using gimp, I was using some low end hardware, you know student stuff. Today after so many years of different gimp versions I use it on high end machine.
6 cores@3.8ghz
8Gb of fast ram
Radeon 6970 GPU
WD Velociraptor 10k rpm 300Gb
and win 7 64bit
you know the usual e-penis enhancing machine. I'm folding fanatic, so some of you might know where I am coming from.
So, in recent years I heard numerous news about Photoshop getting some nice plugins and support from GPU makers (nVidia, AMD) and most of the engine being multithreaded.
And I am very sad that GIMP does not offer such features and does not use any bit of my modern hardware. Plugins are still single threaded and gimp itself does not realise that I have decent GPU as well.
I use version 2.6 64bit and it takes ages to start. It appears to be stuck mostly on font loading. If I use it often, then startup is instant, I suppose windows caches it somewhere. But if I don't use it for longer period of time, I get 30-40 second startups.
Dragging image on the screen is choppy as hell, scrolling the images is the same. Moving even smaller layers also chops around.
Rotating images is a nightmare it only uses single thread. And I have Gimp cache settings set to 3-4Gb. So it has plenty of memory to use.
I was just using Selective Gaussian Blur filter for one of the layers (small bit of image), and accidentally set the delta slider to 300+ and it took like 8 minutes to generate a preview using single thread. If someone needs a specifics, I can make a video of my usage to show what it looks like. I know I cannot complain that much as Gimp is free of charge and it is very powerful alternative to other image manipulation apps, but as a gimp lover I am concerned about it.
In single core CPU days with GPU being developed just for gaming, Gimp could have been easily offered as equal alternative to Photoshop which costs an arm and a leg, and a dog, but now that gap between Photoshop and Gimp is increasing. And Gimp is losing.
I am sorry for the long post, but I thought I had to get everything out in such a rant manner.
Despite everything I will continue using this program.
And by the way, hi, my name is muziqaz Big Grin
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Jul 22, 2011, 22:23
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RE: Gimp on modern hardware
Gimp 2.6 works fine on Linux Mint 64bit. Have 10 second startups with about 150 extra fonts and it's muti-threading processors okay for me except for the script filters.

Check how much RAM memory you are using. Gimp will start using cache memory if you run out of RAM and its real slow. Turning off some of the desktop eye candy and some unneeded running background processes might help if low memory is the problem.
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Jul 22, 2011, 23:35
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RE: Gimp on modern hardware
Linux is different than windows Wink But as I said as long as windows has it cached for quick start, it starts in 1-2 seconds. And Gimp start up is the least of my worries.
At least windows Gimp is singlethreaded in every way I managed to use it.
You zoom in - CPU is used,
you scroll the image - CPU time, single thread,
resize, rotate and all the plugins use CPU single thread.
memory, I have 8GB of it, so running out of it is really impossible. With 1080p jpg file opened in Gimp with several layers takes around 150MB of memory and 100MB of page file.
And choppiness of the program while scrolling or moving layers has nothing to do with memory. It is more of the not using GPU.
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