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Gimp Inch vs Real Life Inch

Oct 14, 2013, 15:47
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Gimp Inch vs Real Life Inch
Hello everybody, I am completely new to gimp so please help me out.

I have an image that is 8in x 6in. It was previously edited in Photoshop on another computer thats how I know the actual size. When I load it into gimp, the image size is in real life the same, I can take a ruler to the screen and it measures 8in x 6in at 100% zoom. However, according to gimps rulers, the image is over 11in x 7in. So I measured what is one inch on gimps ruler and it is actually 3/8in in real life. When I create a grid to overlay the image, through Filters-Render-Patterns-Grid and I make the settings to be 1in x 1in, it too shows up based on gimps ruler measurements. I have the ruler set up in inches but a gimp inch is not a real life inch, and this shows up when I scale the image to 8in x 6in it actually makes the image 5 1/2in x 3 3/4in in real life when printed out. How can I get gimp to display a real life inch and how can I get my images to print out based on real life inches.

Thank you for your help.
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Oct 14, 2013, 17:54
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RE: Gimp Inch vs Real Life Inch
some more info along the same lines

First thing, the important size in a raster (bitmap) image is the pixel size. That is what Gimp displays by default.
In this example the image size is 800x400 pix but I have also set the print size to 200x200 pix which makes a printed image (obviously) 4" x 2". The gimp default could be 72 or 96 or something depending on setup. I put an independent screen ruler up and the size really is 800x400 pix.
[Image: WydqCWF.jpg]

If you go into the View menu and untick Dot-for-Dot then Gimp will (should) display the print size.
[Image: Qn9DVbV.jpg]

You might need to calibrate the monitor, look in Edit -> Preferences -> Display and there is an option to set the monitor resolution if required. (no more in line images to save a bit of space)

There is also a 'Calibrate' button which brings up a big display to physically measure. Not sure if this works with modern monitors, never works for me.

So I do it with a smaller image. All a matter of simple arithmetic and calculating the actual/should-be ratio and applying to the existing screen dpi setting.
and you will get a more accurate dot-for-dot display with everything set to 100 % zoom

As much to do with your Windoze printer driver as with Gimp.
All you can do is check the settings. Make sure there is no scaling enforced.
In the Gimp dialog, check that the size and dpi are correct and there are no silly settings for borders etc. It is not perfect, there is a problem with printing full size A4 sheets @ 300 dpi.
Often best to use some other application for printing these. Otherwise it is working here, that little 4"x2" rectangle prints to the correct size.

** now answering questions**
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Oct 15, 2013, 06:01
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RE: Gimp Inch vs Real Life Inch
Thank you for your replies. I'm running a dual boot system. I have the latest Ubuntu with Gimp installed, and I also have Windows 7 with Photoshop. After I posted my question and after I came home from work, I booted into Windows and fired up Photoshop and I noticed that Photoshop's rulers are displayed exactly the same. When I print the image through Photoshop the image prints out the right size. But when I save the image and open with a photo viewer the image is scaled to the ruler's size, and if I print from the image viewer program it prints it smaller than it should be. It's very strange. I will try to calibrate my monitor resolution and see what that does. I didn't even think of just equating the pixels to inches and just working off of that. I'm just trying to switch from Photoshop to Gimp and support the open source work over the corporate money hawks. So I thank you both for your comments and I will try out all of your suggestions.
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