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GIMP - Crashes While Loading/Adding/Refreshing Patterns

Aug 7, 2013, 22:09
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Sad GIMP - Crashes While Loading/Adding/Refreshing Patterns
After 3 days, countless number of hours of research, googling and trial & error on my own I am at my whits end! I NEED HELP!!! I have typed everything exactly the way it appears on my computer as not to leave any important info out. Here's what happened from the beginning:

I was using Gimp 2.8.2 and I was adding new patterns to path file: Local Disk(C - Users - Amanda - Gimp 2.8 - Patterns

Never had any problems before... I open Gimp after adding and organizing the new Pattern files. It is in the startup screen "looking for patterns" and an ERROR box pops up that says:

ERROR: (Gimp-2.8.exe:9828) GLib- ERROR **: gmem.c:165: failed to allocate 38880000 bytes

I <click ok> and the next box pops up and it says:

Microsoft Visual C ++Runtime Library This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information.
(I have not contacted them yet only because I have always tried my best to see if I can fix it myself first... Yes, I use Forums ALOT! LOL, Learned that from all of them!!!) IS THIS ERROR BOX TELLING ME THE PROBLEM IS MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ RUNTIME LIBRARY? I noticed there are 3 separate MS Visual programs installed in my PC. Why?
*Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library 2008 Redistributable- x86 9.0.30729.4148
*Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library 2008 Redistributable- x86 9.0.30729.6161
*Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library 2010 x86 Redistributable- 10.0.40219

I have tried EVERYTHING I KNOW! Let me tell you everything I've already tried:
*I have taken every Brush & Pattern out of the directory. Gimp started fine. I put ALL of my Brushes BACK in and it worked fine! No prob with the brushes... I tried to put the patterns in and it crashed. It will work only when I put just a couple of folders in. I thought maybe it was a specific pattern/set so I tried them individually. It doesn't matter what set it is I put in. It seems like it's a space issue. Once I try to go past 3-4 sets it crashes on refresh and restart. I currently have 4 in it and each folder only has 2-4 patterns each. I tried to add one more folder with only 2 patterns in it and, you guessed it, it crashed!!! The 4 folder sizes in it now are 3.24MB 1.58MB 3.94MB 30.3MB total (I had a ton & it was working fine)
*I have also done a disc clean up 2x and even a defrag.
*I uninstalled Gimp and re-installed the newest version, 2.8.6, and it made no difference.
*I checked the RAM here is my info on that:
MY SPECS: Windows 7 - 4.00 GB RAM (3.24GB usable) System type: 32 Bit
RAM - In Task Manager/Physical Memory - 45% (Processes: 92) TOTAL: 3317 CACHED: 1233 AVAILABLE: 1819 FREE: 619

Am I reading the RAM all wrong and am out of room? If so how do I go about making more room besides deleting files, picts etc as I have already done that?
Could it be a problem inside Gimp itself? I'm sorry this is so long. I just wanted to make sure you knew everything I already tried and had all the information I was almost certain you may ask for. I sure hope someone can help. I'm going crazy! I can't afford to buy Photoshop or I would. Undecided
Thank You for your time...
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Aug 8, 2013, 11:36 (This post was last modified: Aug 8, 2013 11:37 by rich2005.)
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RE: GIMP - Crashes While Loading/Adding/Refreshing Patterns
That error message is pretty much a catch-all.

If you google search: gimp +gmem.c:165: failed to allocate

Lots of references including some from this forum. typically
or even this familiar one Wink

For all the references no one seems to have a solution.

Could be you are running low on disk space and/or needs defraging. Maybe some faulty RAM. Even if it is not a fix, it would be worth running a utility such as ccleaner to empty all those temporary files etc.

Ofnuts resources manager is excellent, I use it for scripts, brushes and to lesser extent patterns and fonts, but it does not solve the underlying problem. If you find a solution let us know.

Maybe member SC23 has come across this before.

** now answering questions**
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Aug 28, 2013, 17:26
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RE: GIMP - Crashes While Loading/Adding/Refreshing Patterns
Thank you both for your replies! Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply. I am going to check out all of your suggestions and if I find any solution I will definitely let you know! I noticed something strange today in messing around with new patterns... I downloaded and added a 100% GIMP compatible pattern file containing 10 micro patterns. Only 5 of them show up and the rest are solid white. Also, Gimp crashed upon refresh after I added the patterns but when I re-opened Gimp it pulled up fine with the new patterns in it (minus the 5 blank).... Makes no sense... Oh well, off to check out your suggestions!!! Have a great day!!!
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Aug 28, 2013, 17:29
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RE: GIMP - Crashes While Loading/Adding/Refreshing Patterns
(Aug 8, 2013 09:56)ofnuts Wrote:  There are scripts around that help you manage large collections of patterns/brushes/ etc... typically they keep most of your collections where Gimp doesn't see them, and you can make them add/remove sets dynamically to the ones Gimp sees. See my own in attachment.

Sorry to be a pest, but may I ask, once I unzip this file, where should I place the PY file? Thanks in advance for your help!
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