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Gimp 2 with Fink

Jul 17, 2011, 14:48
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Gimp 2 with Fink
I have installed Gimp with Fink but when I do as recommended
'sudo apt-get install gimp' the application loaded is v.1.4.

After reading fink documentation, I have performed 'fink list' and there appear several gimp2 packages (with current version of 2.6 in the description).

I have tried 'sudo apt-get install gimp2' only to obtain and ending message of
'E: Couldn't find package gimp2' and then
'sudo apt-get install gimp2-default' and also an error message has shown ('E: Package gimp2-default has no installation candidate').

I am a newbie with Fink so I am not sure I am not doing something wrong. It is clearly stated in that apt-get install gimp should be used to obtain the current version of Gimp (ie, 2.6), but, with that command, what fink installs is 1.4 and when I try gimp2 there seems that the package/s are not there (even though they are listed by Fink).

Have I missed anything?

Thanks in advance for any comment.


(Tried to install in MacBook Pro OSX Leopard 10.5.8 and just installed Fink - btw, Gimp 1.4 installed by Fink works correctly)
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Jul 17, 2011, 15:38
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RE: Gimp 2 with Fink
Thank you for your fast reply. I think you are right. Would you happen to know about one?

The reason I was trying a Fink install is because I have read elsewhere that the built OSX versions do not come with Gimptool and I was interested in installing plug-ins. It seems that it is not trivial to install gimptool manually in OSX. Do you happen to know where this info can be found?
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Jul 18, 2011, 06:09
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RE: Gimp 2 with Fink
Gimp 2 (ie, Gimp 2.6.11 on 18/07/11) installed with Fink. Just in case someone comes to this thread.

Fink can install binaries or source, but there might be the case that binaries are not available. Gimp 1 has binaries available, so it can be installed through 'sudo apt-get install gimp'. (This command installs Gimp 1.2.5 on this date.)

As of now, Gimp 2 is only available as source and therefore it must be installed with

sudo fink install gimp2

as it happens with other packages available for Gimp 2 (gimp2, gimp2-default, gimp2-dev, gimp2-shlibs, gimp2-shlibs, gimp2-svg, etc.).

Contacting a fink forum (actually the fink-beginners mailing-list) I was given the explanation ( 'fink install' command does an install from source files. Please, note that such install from source takes significantly longer that an installation from binaries (through apt-get); in my case, it took above 3 hours to have gimp2 and all its dependencies installed.

Just in case this helps someone.

All this has to do with installing in Mac David's Batch Processor, but I think this should go in a different thread. Thank you, ofnuts, for your (very fast) replies, they have pointed me to the right places.
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