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For Devs: I need a custom version of Gimp for Wet on Wet painting

Sep 7, 2011, 01:23
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For Devs: I need a custom version of Gimp for Wet on Wet painting
I need a custom version of Gimp. A scaled down version one without all the bells and whistles. All i want is a version with lots of un-needed stuff cut out.

Here's the thing:

Years ago I started learning to paint Bob Ross style. The Bob Ross INC company was going to make a software program so people could paint Bob Ross style, which is called Wet on wet or is historically known as Alla Prima.

The project never got off the ground. But now, digital painting has taken off. Clever people like this guy has figured out how to use Gimp to paint the wet on wet style.

He has 4 videos taking you through the whole process. I think it's time the painting world has an app of it's own made just for wet on wet painting, and i think if someone tailored Gimp to do it based on work like the guy above, it would be a big hit.

It would not need many of the extra things Gimp does. It would only need the types of brushes used in wet on wet and as seen in the videos, the tools to mimic the painting style - Everything else could be cut from Gimp.

Why do this instead of just use Gimp itself? Gimp has lots of tools and options that would never be used with a wet on wet painting. It's a chore to have to learn all of gimp just to use it to do one thing. Also if this was done, you could advertise the "Gimp Wet on Wet Painter" and it would interest painters to get into digital painting, where many of them would never consider using a graphics program to paint with.

I am no programmer.. if I could program, I'd get me a copy of the source code and tools to do this myself but i cannot. It is still released under the GPL isn't it? If i had no other alternative, perhaps I'd learn and make my own fork but I am hoping some people with programming skill will like the idea and give it a try.

What do you think?
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Sep 7, 2011, 08:27
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RE: For Devs: I need a custom version of Gimp for Wet on Wet painting
(Sep 7, 2011 07:22)ofnuts Wrote:  Gimp developers don't follow this forum...

Yes, best join their mailing list, but

This is almost re-inventing the wheel. Combining the toolbox and Layers dialogues dock into one has always been there in Gimp 2.x.
If you do not like the default brushes, replace them or use GURM resource manager. The tool icons are very easily turned on and off.
Reducing the interface to something like this maybe.

For artistic work you will be better off with MyPaint, and the Gimp .ora plugin for importing/exporting open raster files.

** now answering questions**
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