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Fonts suddenly too narrow

Nov 28, 2013, 01:36 (This post was last modified: Nov 28, 2013 01:57 by OP Nerd.)
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Fonts suddenly too narrow
** EDIT 2 ** Temporary solution found, described at bottom of post.

I had been using 2.8.0, adding some text to graphics. I came back from a brief break, and the next time I added text, the font was extremely narrow, to the point that it was illegible.

At first I tried simply shutting GIMP down and restarting. No such luck. Next, I uninstalled GIMP, then I ran CCleaner to get rid of any residual files and settings, then I reinstalled GIMP, still using the 2.8.0 Windows installer, and still, the issue persisted.

** EDIT ** I tested ALL fonts, the problems happens with each one.

So I uninstalled again, did the CCleaner thing, then downloaded and installed 2.8.8, and the problem still persists.

Again, fonts and texts had been working without an issue all day. I stepped away from my PC to get food. There was no one in the house that could have messed with any settings, no pets to accidentally press keys or anything like that.

I am at a complete loss. I've looked at every possible setting I could think of that could possibly impact how fonts are rendered, and changing settings still does nothing.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

** EDIT: Temporary solution ** I have found an inconvenient workaround for this problem, but at least I can now get some work done.

The problem still occurs when I try to insert text into an EXISTING image, but if a create a NEW IMAGE with a background color, text displays and renders as it should. If I choose a transparent background, I still get the problem with the text rendering too narrow to be legible.

So something about existing images and/or transparent backgrounds contributes to this issue. But as long as I create my text layer in a new image, I can then just copy and paste that layer into the image I want to edit, and I can even edit the text once it has been pasted without problems.

Still, this is very inconvenient, especially when I am trying to place text in precise positions.
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Nov 28, 2013, 17:17
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RE: Fonts suddenly too narrow
Thanks for the help. I was not able to find a fontconfig/cache on my machine (I use Win7, not XP), but I did do another uninstall, did CCleaner again, deleted the GIMP profile as recommended, and did a reinstall.

Unfortunately, not only is the problem still there, but now the workaround I described above no longer works. No matter how I open an image, or if I create a new image, fonts are always narrow. They almost look like vertical lines instead of letters.

Looks like I just have to give up on GIMP and start using something else. Can anyone recommend free software similar to GIMP?

Thanks for the offer to help.
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