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Filters>Web>Image Map

Apr 13, 2012, 22:18
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Filters>Web>Image Map

I have been trying to master this filter with little luck/aptitude at this point and i'm hoping someone will be able to help me further understand/use this awesome tool.

This is what i do:

1) open/create image

2) image > flatten image (must i flatten the image? or would merge visible layers works? or is it okay as long as i have just one layer? i ask b/c i would like to use an image that's round w/a transparent BG & it seems as though the reason for the flatten image is to remove the transparency. also, what's the difference between using flatten image & semi-flatten?).

3) choose a selection tool > (eg. the circle, rectangle or polygon) > draw around a particular area of a total image or draw around the entire image. now there's a dashed box around the area i want to make clickable. > double click to open the Area Settings dialog

4) click web site in the Area Settings dialog > enter the website URL > Apply > OK

(Go back to original image and make Certain i have saved it in the same destination folder as the one i plan to save my image map file. i have found that all files Must be in the same folder or the end result will lack visibility of the image/will have only a border/box but is still functional)

5) click the floppy disc icon > open the folder where i saved the original image > remove the extension of the original image ... for example: should be changed to: > click save

6) if not already open i go to the folder where i saved my original image and my image map ( then i > click to open the .map file (this opens in notepad)

7) with notepad open > click file > click save as (or save, i forget) > save the file as: image.html

8) (i use firefox) a file with the firefox icon is now in this folder > i click on the firefox/HTML file then it open in a firefox browser > i click on the image & i'm taken to the target website.

Now, these are my questions:

in the Area Settings dialog > what does checking or not checking the "Relative link" do?
a) what is the > Target frame name/ID: (optional - used for FRAMES only) do? when/why would i want/need to use this?
b) Alt text (optional) i think this is just to add a description someplace

how do i use the rectangle tab in the Area Settings dialog?

how do i use the JavaScript tab in the Area Settings dialog?

also, how do i use the other aspects/tools/functions of the Image Map? i have tried the help menu on the Gimp menu bar but this doesn't lead to any useful help. i have also tried Google search, Youtube, Ehow & other sites for tutorials &/or instructions to no avail. what i have found has been rather incomplete, incorrect or plain ambiguous.

**i (need) would like to be able to have the image i have made clickable turn a different color or become highlighted when the mouse hovers over the area ~ can you explain how i go about adding such an effect or point me toward a video tutorial?**

in order to insert the clickable image into my website do i simply select the .hmtl file of the image & add it to my url or html of the back office of my website? (um. ya. my partner does that stuff. so, i'm not even sure i'm asking the right question. but i hope you get the gist of what i'm trying to ask).

i know this is wicked long and a quite involved request for assistance and as always i Really Really appreciate your time!! someday when i know more about Gimp, i will, of course, take time to help others. i am very grateful for this community & cannot thank everyone enough!

any links to further info/video tutorials about this tool are greatly appreciated as well as any info you can lend me here Blush thanx again!!!
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Apr 14, 2012, 02:14
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RE: Filters>Web>Image Map
Thank you so very very much for explaining all of this to me. I am very New to computers. I just started really using a computer for more than surfing the net about 1 & 1/2 yrs ago.

I used computers in college but that was 10 yrs ago and mostly just used 'em for writing papers. so, all this html, javascript & graphic stuff is Very new to me.

i agree, as of course is logical, that reading books would be best to learn html. i was asking for links to tutorials about how to better use the image map plug-in & not how to write html etc. (just so you know i'm not a total nitwit). but since you've explained to me that image maps are obsolete i believe my quest shall end here.

my partner knows html - suppose i should leave such things to him ~ for the time being at least. i just thought i could be helpful to him by making images for our website that are already clickable. oh well.

thank you for the Gimp info it's very helpful Smile and i really appreciate your time
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Apr 14, 2012, 02:48
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RE: Filters>Web>Image Map
ps. why doesn't Gimp remove this dinosaur of a plug-in? ~ just wondering
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