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does anyone have a clue how I made this?

Jan 8, 2014, 05:08
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does anyone have a clue how I made this?
Hey all. Bit of a stretch here but I'm all out of ideas. I am not qualified with photo editing at all. But I did make this logo probably 15 years ago using gimp. I really like it, and due to files being lost over the years all I'm left with is a very low res png.

I know roughly how I created this, with some severe gaps in specifics. To my knowledge I didn't use anything that wasn't already baked into gimp at the time.

All I did was type the letter D.
I think I used jokerman font, but that might not be true so I don't want to send people down the wrong path.
From there I just applied some filers. I think frost or something like that was a filter. And then some others.
I ended up with the image attached.

It can't be that hard but I just can't seem to figure it out. I just fumbled my way through to make this in the first place. Any help or attempt would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Jan 9, 2014, 09:39 (This post was last modified: Jan 9, 2014 09:40 by iForStyle007.)
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RE: does anyone have a clue how I made this?
Hmm...I like a bit of a challenge ^_^

You could use the smudge tool to make that artsy drawing effect.

Here's how I mimicked it, Gradient blend on background.

add text, then right-click on text layer "Discard text inoformation"
( Smudge ) with smudge tool, smudge the crap out of it lol! Or try
"Filters > Distorts > Iwarp" or "Filters > Distorts > Whirl & Pinch"

Pick the colors for your gradient, The two color boxes in the toolbox.
Foreground & background color. I chose blue & white.
Pick blend "Gradient:" "FG to BG (HSV clockwise...)"

Select text and added a radial blend layer(transparent) fill after smudging the text.
Blend With the blend tool, draw a line near the middle top.

Next you want to blur it some. "Filters > Blur > Gaussian blur"

Then change your blend/gradient layer mode to "Screen"

Then if the blue is too bright, go to "Colors > Hue-Saturation" and click the "B" channel, pull the lightness down, then blur again to blend it.

I also had to bring the brightness down to get this(It helps to pick the correct blue, I didn't)

To get the outline effect, merge down the blended layer to the letter. Your background is on the bottom(only merge down the top blue gradient to the letter)

You should now only have 2 layers "Letter" and "gradient background"
In the layers window, pick the "letter" layer"
"Select > None"

Duplicate your letter layer & go to "Filters > Distort" "Emboss" click ok
(results vary...)
Change the layer mode to whatever looks best. (I used grain extract)

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