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Divide image into layers

Apr 22, 2012, 19:59
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Divide image into layers
Can someone help point me in the right direction with this. Perhaps I am not using the right terms but my googling has failed to find a tutorial.

In the attached image, it comes up as one layer. What I want to do, is change the background gradient. So I guess I need to move the image of the bus to another layer and then change the background. But I don't know how.

Thanks in advance!

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Apr 22, 2012, 20:58
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RE: Divide image into layers
Actually this is more like extracting the subject from its background...

The usual answer to this is here:

However you are in a case where the subject is uniform and the background is not, so you have to invert the technique (but I still suggest reading the above first):
  • First save the general shape (round corners): "Layer/Transparency/Alpha to selection", and "Select/Save to channel" (you can open the Channels list and rename the "Selection Mask copy" to something more meaningful)
  • Use the magic wand (Fuzzyselect) and click in the bus logo
  • "Select/Grow" by 1px
  • "Color/Color to Alpha" on white: you now have a nice hole where the bus was (canvas checkerboard pattern shows through).
  • "Layer/Transparency/Alpha to selection"+"Select/Invert": you have a bus shaped selection, but if you look closely, it also contains the corners.
  • In the channels list, right click the first saved selection, and "Intersect with selection", this removed the corner.
  • You can save this selection to a channel as above
  • Add new transparent layer
  • Bucket fill selection with white (or any other fill you want) to recreate the bus shape
  • For you new background, in the Channels list right click on the "corners" selection and "Channel to selection" (you have to use this selection to avoid filling the corners)
  • Fill the selection to your taste.

Now, if you only have very simple needs (like changing the color) you can just paint over the background after putting the brush (or bucket-fill) in "Hue" or "Color" mode, or use Color/Map/Rotate colors.

Now answering your questions on
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