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Disappearing toolbox icons

Jan 30, 2014, 21:11
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RE: Disappearing toolbox icons
I think I found the fix for this issue within KDE, took me some time.

Open the System Settings panel, go to Desktop Appearance->GTK. Here are the options for GTK apps like Gimp.
Search the section Behavior (usually on the right), and look for the option "GTK Sytle Toolbar", it is a drop down. There, select the option "Icons Only" (I had "Text After Icons" by default). Bamm!!

Turns out GTK applications get repainted every now and then, and for some reason I cannot understand yet, when this repainting takes place, the toolbar icons are treated as normal GTK Icons and if the option "Text after Icons" is set in the GTK configuration, space is left for the text, but not text exists. At least this is my best theory anyway.

Important thing is it worked for me perfectly well. I'm using a normal Kubuntu 13.04 release, but it fixed it as well on my peer's computer running NetRunner (KDE based).

Hope this helps.

(Aug 24, 2013 23:25)SC23 Wrote:  
(Aug 23, 2013 06:36)iForStyle007 Wrote:  I've overviewed most of this thread and it looks to be a os/distro stylesheet issue maybe?
So apologies in advance if any of the below was tried already.

Have you tested your current gimp in other distros of linux, ubuntu or with other OS's?

3 other options I can think of trying
1. Try to change the theme of gimp (downloading the stable gtk2 theme pack) if you haven't tried already.

2. Check to see if you can change the theme/icon sizes of your current distro (global system visuals)

3. If it's not much impact to your workflow or to transferring over, a good solution would be to switch to the best distro(visually & functionally for gimp & your other apps ifpossible) or OS's

Sorry I havent replied sooner.. its been hectic lately.. I think the Gimp Theme is a good shot I will take next.. I will post up here if it works.

Thanks for the indepth trouble-shooting reply!
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