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dds dxt5 filetype not opening correctly

Sep 5, 2012, 20:58 (This post was last modified: Sep 5, 2012 22:50 by adamjedgar.)
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dds dxt5 filetype not opening correctly
Hi Guys,

im new to all of this and am having a problem.

Could i just say in preamble, can someone please change the forum engine...this one (MyBB) is completely and uterly useless. i have only just downloaded gimp and joined its forums and im already screaming about the way in which its setup...for example,

1. on the gimp plugin registry site... the forum topics not even listed in order of submission date (what is with that)!

2. i can add an image to the thread, but only once. A reply to my question has asked me to upload the original image dds dxt5 file im having problems with and, well guess what, the engine is so advanced i cannot without starting a new thread. So i start a new thread, thinking ive got this sorted...then bam, i cant upload .dds filetypes. Come on guys give me a break, GIMP has a plugin for .dds filetypes how can its own forum not support that? the guy trying to help me cant actually open the file to attempt to edit it himself to sort out my problem if he cant upload it! You have got to be flaming Joking!!!!

3. on this forum one cannot submit images...come on guys for goodness sake...this is a graphics editing can the forum not be able to handle images???

4. Since im based in Australia, i thought id type in my web browser to join and australian gimp community and what do i get...a bloody cybersquatter with a site containing advertising for numerous other sites selling adult movies, books and god knows what else??? i checked its "terms and conditions" section for "about us" information and found the site owner is nothing whatsoever to do with either the information on the site or even GIMP for that matter.

see below
" is an independent reviewer of the Australian financial sector" (omfg. advertising adult books, movie sites and crap like that...yeah right!)

Just in case someone here doesnt know the laws in Australia about is illegal and anyone found doing such a thing with australian domain names will have the domain taken off them permanently by the regulator if a case is proven (and this one is an absolute no brainer)!!! i cannot for the life of me understand why the gimp group has not done something about raising that with the Australian domain regulatory authority!

anyway, enough complaining and down to my real reason for posting....

I am re-texturing aircraft .dds files from FSX.

If i was using photoshop i would use a third party program ("dxtbmp") to change the dds file format to a bmp that photoshop can edit. However, since im sick of using multiple programs to import/export just to get to the editing stage, i jumped at the chance to skip a step by using GIMP with the .dds plugin!

I found the dds plugin for GIMP and have sucessfully installed it. It seems that if the file is a dxt1 type it opens perfectly.

However, if it is a dxt5 type, i have a transparency, it appears as if the transparency is set to about 50% on the main surface image. I cannot increase the actual transparency any higher as it is already at 100%. I did a little experiment with the image and found that if i use DXTBmp to convert the image to a .dds dxt1, GIMP opens it perfectly. If i then change it back to .dds dxt 5, GIMP displays it incorrectly again.

What do i do???
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