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Creasting transparent text

Jun 18, 2012, 18:32
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Creasting transparent text
How do I get started creating semi-transparent text? What I am looking for is text which you can "see through" the reduced colour (not text which is bordered and otherwise entirely "see through".

I have got as far as creating some text in a document.

I looked on Google and it pointed me at the Layers menu and then "opacity" which I don't have on 2.8, so I guessed "transparency". It won't let me "Add alpha channel" (which I thought I had to do) so I made the text coloured (which I want in the end anyway) and tried "Colour to Alpha" but no matter what I do I can't change it in any way with the dialog boxes that open. Which Means I am doing something wrong. (And may be chasing the wrong dialog box anyway, but although the help labels are very good, the terminology means nothing to me.

In the end I want to be able to create a series of short phrases and have them overlapping in a text design, being able to "see through" the overlap to some degree. I am an out and out beginner.

Thanks for any advice. I am going to read other threads on the subject of transparency too.
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Jun 25, 2012, 17:38
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RE: Creasting transparent text
(Jun 18, 2012 19:53)ofnuts Wrote:  You are basically on the right track.

There is no need to add an alpha channel to added layers, they always come with one, and text layers are always transparent outside of the characters.

AFAIK the slider to use at the top of the Layers list is still labeled "Opacity" in 2.8 (this is a 2.7 screenshot).

Color-to-alpha is a different animal. It makes a color transparent. More accurately, it makes pixels partially or fully transparent so that putting the resulting image with transparencies over a background of the removed color gives the same result as the original image.

Thank you for that. At the time I posted this I didn't even know what a Layers box was. :-) I found an independent Tutorial out on the web somewhere, the simple bit was about Layers so now I know more than I did and I see where the Opacity fits in ... and even how to move text a bit to get an overlap!

I was doing quite well till I managed to create an all-black document and couldn't get out of it ... in the end I found with someone's help that I had failed to use the FILL tool when trying to re-specify the layer colour ...
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