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copy and paste

Nov 15, 2018, 18:53 (This post was last modified: Nov 15, 2018 20:55 by Whburling.)
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copy and paste

I am new at using a photo editor, so please be patient.

I am trying to create test patterns for an electronically programmed LED display.
I defined my canvas dimensions in terms of the number of pixels I have available to me
on the display.

In making test patterns, I am discovering I do not understand the copy and paste operators. The way I discovered this ignorance was by trying to do the following:
I created horizontal lines on one layer. by hand I alternated one string of pixels off, then one string of pixels on, repeating the off/on sequence for the entire display.

Then in creating vertical lines on another layer, I decided to make only a few and then
copy and paste to speed up the creation of that layer. Besides I would learn a new tool.

I can select (shown by thin white lines and diagonal lines that are there because i selected an option). i can copy, i believe. I am not sure of the cues to let me know I have successfully copied a selection. I tried the two forms of copy. Plain copy and copy visible. I am assuming copy visible works across layers and plain copy works on only one layer.

But when i paste, i have no clue where the "floating" selection is. I can't seem to move the floating selection if it is directly over the original pattern. instead of moving anything, i end up creating another selection rectangle. it is as if the paste command had been completed and because the last tool i selected was the selection tool, that is the tool that was active.

i have read descriptions of several of the paste commands and watched people use the commands on YouTube. It seemed obvious but then most of these people cut instead of copied. they also pasted into a new file. I am copying from one layer and pasting into the same layer (albeit through some sort of floating layer which is temporary until i do something(anchor? not sure how to incorporate the copied temporary layer into the original)).

Any help will be appreciated. i can't believe my experimenting has not revealed what is going on for me.

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Nov 16, 2018, 09:15
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RE: copy and paste
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