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Colour balance is broken in 2.8?

Sep 3, 2014, 21:57
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Colour balance is broken in 2.8?
I used version 2.6.11 for years, and just upgraded to version 2.8.10. Colour balance acts weird in the new version.

Take a base image:
[Image: 8tg9fGa.png]

In 2.6, here's what happens when I increase the Red midtones to 65:
[Image: TbcYR55.png]

In 2.8, here's what happens:
[Image: 1Nr2E5m.png]

Clearly, the new behaviour results in a very unnatural look. Is there any "reason" for this, or should I be doing colour adjustments another way? Or is it just a bug?

Current workaround: stick with 2.6, though I'd like to upgrade.
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Sep 4, 2014, 00:11
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RE: Colour balance is broken in 2.8?
Okay... I just did some more testing using a greyscale blend from white to black, and it seems that the old 2.6 version was not working properly: altering the "midtones" would do an adjustment across all brightnesses, while "highlights" and "shadows" both did the same, except slightly more powerfully!

It seems to be "fixed" in 2.8, so in fact "midtones" only affects the midtones etc.

Thing is, for adjusting the tint of an image, I would want to adjust the colour across all brightnesses, and there doesn't seem to be an option for that. Just adjusting one part of the brightness range results in it looking unnatural. So actually the "broken" behaviour before was more useful.

It seems I can emulate the old behaviour using the "levels" dialog and selecting each colour (or equivalently the "curves").
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