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Color Depth Conversion

Mar 4, 2012, 23:13 (This post was last modified: Mar 4, 2012 23:39 by Vheos777.)
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Color Depth Conversion

I've created a palette consisting of 343 color. What I want to achieve is to convert an image so it only uses colors from the palette. Think of it as an indexed image, but with color amount exceeding 256.

So basically, whenever the converting tool scans a pixel, it should find the most similar color from the palette and use it instead. I want it to round each RGB value to one of these (in my case):
0, 43, 85, 128, 170, 213, 255
For example, R17 G90 B155 would get converted into R0 G85 B170.

Here's how I'd imagined the conversion process:
Original image (256 colors) -
Converted iamge (125 colors) -
It's basically converting higher color depth into a lower one. If only the indexed images could contain palette bigger than 256 colors...

I've tried using the "Colors -> Map -> Palette Map" tool, but it's based on luminosity and the actual colors' location on the palette, which results in pseudorandom colorization of the image.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

PS. I'm attaching a bitmap of the 343 colors you can extract the palette out of.

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