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Changing icon images in the toolbox?

Apr 4, 2012, 09:12
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Changing icon images in the toolbox?
This one I have a feeling can't be done but, what the heck, it's worth a try ... second last item I haven't found any answer to by googling is the tools in the toolbox ... can we somehow change the icon or image representing them? i.e., the, say, Move Tool, can I somehow go in an change the image representing that tool? Thanks!
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Apr 4, 2012, 10:13
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RE: Changing icon images in the toolbox?
Yes, you can define you own Gimp theme.

Now answering your questions on
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Apr 4, 2012, 11:36
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RE: Changing icon images in the toolbox?
That seemed overkill when I looked into it last week but I think it might do the trick. I didn't get the installation to work in that trial and everything pointed to themes not being easy to implement but this page here says that you can just put the themes in the themes folder and they should work. Beats what I found last week and all the information pointing to having to install something to get the themes to integrate with GIMP. Maybe that was old information, all of it.

Hmm, if it putting themes in the folder actually does work somehow (didn't when I tried it last week but I'm probably missing something), then this could definitely work. I could then create my own icons and add to the theme so would achieve what I need that way.

Okay, will give it another go and will report back.

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Apr 5, 2012, 11:21
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RE: Changing icon images in the toolbox?
(Apr 4, 2012 10:13)ofnuts Wrote:  Yes, you can define you own Gimp theme.
It really seems very complicated to add themes. Is that page good for Windows GIMP, too, btw?? I have Portable GIMP _FOR_WINDOWS_ (I have WinXP); I'm not on Linux or MAC. I installed the file last week and it didn't work and I found many Windows users who reported the same thing.

I recognized the GTK themes page. A couple of years ago I played around with Fedora on a CD and I customized tremendously and I did try some themes from there but if that type of "skinning" is available for GIMP, wondering how easy it would be to work with in Windows. It was actually fairly easy in Linux; Imixed and matched different elements of the themes in my Fedora but I was working in a Linux environment and had no real difficulties except when themes didn't work properly which did happen as Linux versions vary considerably.

Anyway, some of the links I just googled for for themes are dead.

Does anyone have a good starting point for themes for windows just to dl the themes themselves that by just dumping into the themes folders will actually work in Windows without dl a special app, etc. ... these sites don't seem to talking about something that easy: (this didn't work)

Pls advise and thanks much! Smile
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Apr 7, 2012, 00:17
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RE: Changing icon images in the toolbox?
I kept looking and today when I was in YouTube trying to figure out some GIMP things, I stumbled upon some vids on how to change themes. I installed the GIMP pckg for Windows again and after trying it and getting the same missing DLL error message, the light bulb finally came on when I remembered that it used a default path to install to! I'm using _portable_ GIMP and at that moment I realized that the missing DLL file was the clue. I then went to the portable GIMP forum and went searching. Only one person had anything that seemed to work and I did the same.

I made a copy of my portable GIMP to test this out with and then copied the 4 folders from the programs folder into this copy of GIMP. The 4 folders were:


which I copied them into the corresponding containing folder. I got the message when copying about there being folders already of those names but chose okay. Then when I launched GIMP again, when I clicked on the themes, they work!

However, none of the themes do anything than change spacing between icons and change the colours of the various backgrounds. So I'll start a new thread, I think regarding themes.

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