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can't change background layer, the only layer

Jan 30, 2011, 03:32
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can't change background layer, the only layer
I install GIMP on my Mac several months ago but really haven't used it to do much more that crop some images until today. (I did upgrade to 2.6 today.) Most of my graphics experience is in a old version of Paintshop Pro 5.0 IN Windows so while I'm not exactly a novice I've never really used a feature rich program like GIMP.

This morning I created a logo, cropped out the part I liked and changed the canvas size because it was too narrow and then saved it as a gif which I then used in a web page.

The two edges of the gif are transparent and I really don't like the transparent edges and I need to fill them (extend the background color over the transparent parts.)

But I can't to that. None of the paint tools will write to the transparent area. I added a new layer, selected the part over the left transparent area and then filled it with white, but that covered the whole layer (I obvously did not select the area correctly but I haven't been able to figure out what I'm doing wrong.)

I tried to create a new logo but I have the same problem I can't figure out how to color the edges of logo when I change the canvas size.

I've been reading the manual and looking at tutorials all day but making no progress.

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Jan 30, 2011, 13:50
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RE: can't change background layer, the only layer
Thanks that was the problem. I figured it was something I was overlooking but I didn't see that when I was reading the documentation - no doubt that it was my error.

I also found that my selection problem is a GIMP bug in the Mac version. Most of the time I will have to click on a thing two or more times to get it selected (isn't that special). Another bug is that the Layers Dialog Box does not open unless you specifically open it - it never appeared so I couldn't see the controls on it. Thus I couldn't select which layer I was working on; I was working on the most recent layer I created in all cases.

When I went to a Windows computer I found GIMP to work much better - when I select a tool the related dialog box appears. On the Mac version I can't even find most of them. I've looked for them trying control+some-letter-combination and have only found Layers (Control+L), Gradients (Control+G), Merge Options (Control+M), New Image (Control+N), plus some that allow me to quit, etc. The Dialog boxes for Brushes or Colors seem to open as they should.

I really like my Mac but I'll have to try GIMP in a VirtualBox running Windows - I'll have to install Gimp there later today and see how it runs.

Thanks again,

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