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bonjour tout le monde

Jul 8, 2013, 20:18 (This post was last modified: Jul 8, 2013 20:23 by oui.)
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bonjour tout le monde

my pseudo has to show that my real language is French (and German as I live in Germany since very long time) and, as we say on French, only + or - (plus ou moins) speak English. I did never really learn it, can write very fast with my own reduced vocabulary with more French words as usual and German kind of word position Idea . but read long English text is for me difficult and problematic.

draw, paint, etc. are not really my main activity. photography only as far as needing. one of my children has a German high school diplom in graphic sciences. an other one in music. the third one is physician and did in the first time study for oculist. from this experience we have all interest in optic sciences and did come back to photography (I have an Olympus pen and a lot of objectives and other equipments for it). but I am beginner in high performance / quality photography Undecided .

I use only Linux since years excepted for banking because the needing plugin is only available for windows. my favorite Linux are Puppy Linux (as well as Debian in the past). Today I begin with a full version of an LFS BLFS derivate with the most actual KDE stable. I did install Calligra, Libre Office. Gutenprint did install Gimp as a dependence. So that I abandon mTpaint. I did write in the Puppy Linux forum diverse tutorials on mTpaint in dt, en and fr but understand absolute nothing in Gimp! I have to find now myself tutorials on Gimp on absolute the same jobs I can describe as well for mTpaint Confused . new experience for me...

I immediately did meet heavy problems:
- how to snap shoot my screen, that problem is solved Heart
other problems are absolutely not solved:
- how to open a picture as *bmp and save it changed or not as *jpeg or *pdf or *tiff
- how to mark a part of a picture and make a new picture of that
- how to superpose such parts of divers picture transparent / or not transparent, to make a new picture with all parts (photo montage)
- how to reduce the size of that new picture to make it really smaller and reduce the size of it's file to publish it in forums
- how to reduce the resolution of that new picture to make it's size more small but not to reduce it's picture size but only the size of it's file.

I am searching for a step by step tutorial for it (as I did write myself for other internet friends for mTpaint Angel !)

kind regards
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Jul 8, 2013, 20:48
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RE: bonjour tout le monde
I did find myself the page:

and it is answering a lot of my questions!

but it is beginning with a *.jpeg file (as I often need).

my gimp version seems don't to know some JPEG, it offer only


images and announce that jpeg are IMPORTED.

it offers JPEG only under EXPORT.

what is that for a subtlety?
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