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Bending and Deforming Textures [Project Organic Spaceship]

Aug 27, 2013, 12:39 (This post was last modified: Aug 27, 2013 19:24 by Wendy Black.)
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Bending and Deforming Textures [Project Organic Spaceship]
I will apologize in advance, if the instructions are seem generalized in this tutorial. Some of the tools mentioned are unskilled and others require a personal touch. This tutorial is part of my organic ship series.

[Image: mgo8.png]

I pulled up my Gold Texture from my previous tutorial found here. And now I want to apply it as the nose (face armor) of my organic ship. I need to make the texture appear to bend, curve, and pinch in all the right places. Be prepared to do a lot of undo (Ctrl+Z) and reset until it looks right to you.

[Image: msh.png]

Here I have rotated, sized, and positioned the Gold Metal as the background and made my outline 30% transparent. I don't want or need these thick bold lines to show in my final draft. They are only here to guide me. I then use my selection from path (see outline tutorial) to select the area.

[Image: chy5.png]

Select --> Grow... I use 30 pixels (Ctrl+I) to Invert the selection clear with [Delete]. (Ctrl+I) to Invert back and Select --> Grow... 30 pixels again. This will give you some "wiggle room" to work.

[Image: gx0e.png]

Open Filters --> Distorts --> IWarp...

[Image: 8lwt.png]

Dragging your mouse in preview will deform the image. In my opinion, Move is better than Grow to make lumps. I don't overuse Grow as it will stretch the pixels and make the texture appear blocky. Shrink here is good for making seams and creases. Setting the Deform Radius too high will pull too much in and it will look like your texture is being sucked into a sinkhole. Too much Deform Amount and it will begin to smear. If it starts to look good, remember to save your work in progress. Otherwise should you make a mistake, there is a reset button in the IWarp Tool and (Ctrl+Z) Undo in the image.

[Image: j6tv.png]

This image was made using Move and Shrink. I dragged the Move along the Green lines and the Shrink along the Red lines shown here.
Once this looks like I want it I can again select the path trim and save.

[Image: c3f.png]

Another good method used to bend and warp texture is the Filters --> Map --> Map Object...

[Image: 98vs.png]

Unlike IWarp, this tool takes very little artistic talent on the part of the user. You can map to the primitives Plane, Cube, Sphere, and Cylinder. Set different light sources, color, and position in 3D space. However the render times seem to vary and are longer for Cylinder or when working on larger maps. I mostly use this for Planes and Spheres.

Note: I encourage you to experiment with the variety of settings under each tab. For example, I don't care for the shine on most textures. The Material tab has a setting call specular that I normally set to zero.

[Image: vw5v.png]

Now I have reloaded my WIP (work in progress) added a hard drop shadow from the lighting filters to give it more depth.

[Image: 9o6q.png]

[Image: 6gr.png]

I do (Ctrl+Alt+O) Open as Layers and add my purple scale ball.

[Image: vymz.png]

Since I have the image in my head, I rotated the sphere with the light side down. There is or will be a light source down there in the future.

[Image: a98g.png]

The next deform tool I love to abuse is Perspective.

[Image: is11.png]

As shown here just by dragging handles I can resize and elongate the object to suit my needs.

[Image: eiye.png]

Because the layer is hidden behind the spiked armor, I am going to chop it out but is personally done, so my old eyes can focus on the outlines.

[Image: uwzn.png]

I added a green scale sphere and morphed it into place below gold layer and above the purple layer.

[Image: b32u.png]

With my WIP saved I load my steel from this textures tutorial.

[Image: tlvp.png]

I am going to make a Cylinder using Filters --> Map --> Map Object...
Settings are; transparent background, secular = 0, position Z = -0.3, rotate X = 30, and radius = 0.20 Then I saved this object.

[Image: 1zbr.png]

Using my Steel Can, I am going to make a steel cone. I duplicate the layer with (Ctrl+Shift+D). Select the can using Layer --> Transparency --> Alpha to Selection. With Shear Tool (Shift+S) I shear the X around -120 to -150 it all depends on how steep you want it.

[Image: sx65.png]

Select the copy and repeat the step above with the equal opposite shear value. Using the Rectangle Selection Tool cut and overlap the bottom corners. I also used Select --> Feather on the right half to get the two to blend together. Merged (Alt+M) and saved.

[Image: o5mr.png]

[Image: tite.png]

One last Tool you should find useful is; Filters --> Distorts --> Curve Bend...

[Image: yk8n.png]

The best way I can describe this, is like folding paper or cloth. Great to reproduce a wavy controlled bend.

In concluding, my next tutorial, I will bring all the pieces together and add my final detailed touches to my project.

In the wise words of Kubla Khan, "If you don't get what you want, you gripe about what you get. If you get what you want, you complain about what you lost. Your mind is a mystery to yourself. The only thing that will make you happy is your hopes and dreams... or darn good cartoon show."

[Image: mhrd.png]
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Aug 28, 2013, 09:27
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RE: Bending and Deforming Textures [Project Organic Spaceship]
I'll be looking forward to part 21 The cylinder part reminded me of a still-life study I did of a wine glass with the liquid in it (found a PS tutorial online and wanted to try to make it in Gimp).
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