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A little help please

Aug 15, 2013, 16:16
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A little help please
Here's what I'd like to do, but don't know how: Put the S layer of an HSV decomposition through Threshold to get a kind of mask, use that mask to make a selection in the V layer, lower the value in just the selection, and recompose. Sorry if this is easy and I should have read the manual more closely.

Background: My friend took this great picture of the Milky Way while in Mammoth Falls (US). I've taken it upon myself to enhance it, really bring out the stars. The trouble is, there are campfire-lit trees all around, so whatever happens to the stars happens to them too. I did my best and here are the results:

[Image: PoorA7M.jpg]

[Image: wz2zkL9.jpg]

The trees are the most saturated, so to make them less glaring, I decomposed to HSV, used Curves to lower the greatest values on the S channel, then recomposed.

Other questions if you're feeling especially generous:
  • Is there a better approach to my goals?
  • How would you improve the sky without killing realism?
  • For you buffs of astronomy photos, should realism be reduced maybe a little bit? A slightly false color image appears below to give an idea of what I mean.

False color
[Image: CxlpDEw.jpg]

Thank you very much for any help you can give.
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Aug 16, 2013, 03:52
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RE: A little help please
Thanks. That worked.
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