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A bit about me.

May 5, 2014, 18:24
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A bit about me.

I am a retired fine artist. Among my media are Oil Paint, Oil Pastel, Charcoal, Copper Enamel, and Pottery.

It is my hope to not be a burden to the forum, however, my objective is non-commercial and I do not expect to become the greatest artist on the Internet.

I have a young granddaughter who is taking gourmet baking and cake decorating very seriously. I have been supplying her with the necessary tools and supplies, however, at 71 years and being an artist most all of that time, I want to feed her design ideas and color use, to help her strive for excellence as a pastry cheff and provide her with a few years experience gained by making many mistakes and finding their solutions.

Her first works are truly art worthy, while running on raw and youthful talent. I am not interested in interfering with her natural creativity, because her natural abilities are excellent, nonetheless, I believe I can keep her from stubbing her toes during the learning process, if I make some examples with explanation. That is where Gimp comes in.

My computer is an 8 core AMD with 16GB of very fast ram. My operating system is Kubuntu 14.04. My monitors and a 27" and a 24".

My first example is very simple, but not easy for me; I have never used a computer art program before. I have been fiddling a bit this morning, but I can see I will need help to get through the basic stuff that repeates itself.

Is there a recommended tutorial that is truly made for the newbie? I understand my success will require layers of the different aspects of design, later to be fixed when they are all assembled. I need step by step instruction that doesn't take for granted that I know anything. I am able to follow the written instruction exactly as written, but if the tutor assumes that some things should be expected to be known, that would cause me to fail.

When I begin my first project, will I need to save to a directory in my Programs Files, each layer with it's description, prior to assembly of the finished design? Will this type of neophite questions drive the member bonkers? I would rather struggle than upset anyone. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

By the way, my corrected vision not what it used to be, I am having difficulty identifying the different smilies and post icons, as well as, the formatting symbols. Is there a configuration tool available to increase their size? Smile
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May 5, 2014, 20:24
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RE: A bit about me.
Ofnuts got there before me so there is some overlap.

Start off by having a look at one of Ofnuts posts

In linux ~./gimp-2.8 is a 'hidden' folder so make sure you enable hidden folders in your file manager.

Basic Gimp tutorials, the internet is littered with them. Some good some bad, some mediocre, some of them mine. Wink Best way to learn Gimp is by experimenting.
If stuck check the documentation first
As well as on line keep a copy of a PDF as a refence.
A good one here

Since you use linux, I would make a project folder in your home directory. You can add that to the Gimp open file dialog, so easy to get to.

Always save your work in Gimp .xcf format. This saves any layers, paths, selections whereas other formats you get by exporting.

Do not worry too much about smilies, just add them manually eg. a : then a ) gives Smile
The same with formatting, best way is enter the code manually. Some examples here. but go easy on large or coloured text, it is hard on the eyes.

On the artistic side? As well as Gimp you should look at MyPaint and also Krita. Both of these should be in the Kubuntu repo and each application can complement each other.

** now answering questions**
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