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512Color Palletes and the GIMP

Apr 16, 2012, 21:15
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512Color Palletes and the GIMP
First of all, i would like to tell, that even f this is my first post, i have been using the gimp for over 2 years now. and it has been greatly useful for my works and some other things...

One of those things has been developing a suitable 512 Color pallette fully compatible with the MegaDrive Standards (not going into much detail there) And, while the MD can only display only 16 colors per layer, it can choose between those 512 colors. The thing is, i made a test BG to try the pallete i did. and it seems the GIMP is only capped for "Web-Friendly" 256 color palletes. my question is. can this be overriden? if so, it would be a milestone in the little field of graphic production for Mega Drive / Genesis games.

I am letting this pallete here too, in case anyone wants to try it out.

So. to summarize. Is there a plugin that overrides the Pallete Max Color Count Limit? If it isn't. Is there any kind of way to do it?

Maybe i posted this on the wrong part of the forum. but. i think it's the most appropiate.

I apologize if i placed this wrong or i did something wrong with this post. anyway. i hope this pallete is useful as well
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Apr 18, 2012, 19:18 (This post was last modified: Apr 18, 2012 19:29 by Zana.)
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RE: 512Color Palletes and the GIMP
(Apr 17, 2012 12:49)ofnuts Wrote:  AFAIK you can't really override the limit in Gimp (unless you want to recompile you own version...). Since I assume you are using rather specific file formats, the plugin that saves these files would index them on the fly (this is what happens when you save an RGB image to GIF). The same plugin could also accept a 512-color palette (in its own format) to coerce the colors from the image.

First off, thanks for the reply, it is appreciated

Well, you are right on that. But. To be fair. the spedific file formats these images use, are actually 16-color indexed .bin files. The 512 color index thing, would just be a way to ensure, even if the image uses 15 / 30 / 60 colors, that these colors are actually supported by the Video Display Processor

Having a plugin that could index images using larger, custom palletes would come in handy. Even if the 512 color scenario is impossible on the real hardware. having that 512 indexed image could come handy.

I am having trouble uploading images but i wil explain. Let's say i have done a Logo for my name, all fancy and stuff... knowing it's limitations, i can do a 2x15 color mode for the image. so i get and using the default "Use Optimized Pallete" Option, I get my image lowered to 30 colors. Then. To ensure the color is usable for the VDP. it could be used to, starting from that 30-color index image. to use the nearest compatible colors from that 512 color pallete i made.

Resulting on this:

[Image: 6z3w.png]

(This image was made manually, prior to my attempt to automatize the color process, and uses "forbridden" colors, that are supposed to be made by lighten-darken layers that the VDP is able to manage, the original image is actually split on small images that only have a few colors (normal gray, pink and blue, darkened G, P, B, and so on...)

Since maybe no one will do a replacement for the index-mode setting in the GIMP. i would love how to do and what could be changed in a "fresh" custom compilation to let it happen (hopefully it would be only increase a few variables)
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