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1px pencil & some other issues (1 bug?)

Jul 21, 2011, 23:18 (This post was last modified: Jul 22, 2011 00:10 by Viqing.)
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1px pencil & some other issues (1 bug?)
Couple of problems. In 60 seconds after installation... Heh...
Yeah, so, I downloaded the program mainly for being able to make small images/patterns for websites. Like even 2px images that just produces stripes, or whatever.
I'm having problems figuring out how to make a proper 1px pencil, which is what is default on every other image-editing/drawing program that I know of, except for this one.
Making a 1x1 (although it says 3x3) pencil with 0.01 scale makes the brush/pencil draw nothing. 1.00 scale makes it draw 4x4px. If I put something like 2scale, I'll get 1px, but when saving/exporting image, the product is as if the pencil were a brush; the lines/colors are blended into eachothers like a painting.

Edit: Pencil fixed. Made pencil 1 radius, drawing using 0.01 scale. More problems below though.
The image product however is still "interlayed" or whatever; the colors are blending into each-other.

Now the second problem, which I consider might be bug: editing a brush, closing it, then editing whatever brush again fails. After editing a brush just once and closing the window, I seem to have to restart the application/GIMP to edit a bush again.

Edit: work-around: exit the window by pressing the arrow and "Close Tab". This requires me however to do this all the time - I can never exit the window with just the "X", that will prevent the window from opening up again later.

Actually, third problem: I see no grid. I've edited the settings in Edit -> Preferences and put 1px on Grid settings and changed both colors to black to make sure it's suppose to be visible, and it's not. No grid, nothing. I want a 1px grid betwixt the picture itself, so that it's easier to see each square. Not required though.

PS: Please, shoot me now.

I'm also having problems with such as the Toolbox being waaaay too big; does not fit on my screen, even on my 1300x1300 screen resolution - it seem to be something like 3000px horizontally. Yes, I can "remove" all the tools by moving it outside the bar and then close it, but it's quite annoying and boring work to do everytime I open the application.... There should be some god damn "newbie mode" in this program =_=
GIMP: over-complicating everything. ?

Except for the IMO poor newbie-friendliness, it does look like a powerful application.
I'm so far not at all satisfied and a bit fed up already, but I do not mean to criticize the developers; only the result - the application. -and shedding some light on my newbie-trouble with the application.
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Jul 22, 2011, 01:02 (This post was last modified: Jul 22, 2011 01:03 by Viqing.)
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RE: 1px pencil
(Jul 22, 2011 00:14)ofnuts Wrote:  1px brush:
- use square shape, .5 radius, 2 spikes, 1.0 hardness
Thanks. Already had 2 spikes, 1.0 hardness. Why 0.5 radius? What's the logic? To balance out (the most minimal option of) "2 spikes" (0.5*2=1)?

Also: same image result still. Could be a weakness-whatever of my image viewer though, "Eye of Gnome v2.32.1"

(Jul 22, 2011 00:14)ofnuts Wrote:  Editing the brush: no problem here. You may have hidden a dialog. Saving the brush is implicit. In fact you don't need to close the dialog. These dialogs can be kept together in the same window, either in tabs, or stacked above to each other. You can also always reach them via Windows/Dockable dialogs.
What also seem to happen is that I may for example not draw anything anymore after the brush-window-bug-thingie. No matter what color or brush tool (or apparently so, I haven't gotten to test all) I use nothing is drawn on the image anymore, until the application is restarted.

(Jul 22, 2011 00:14)ofnuts Wrote:  Grid: Once grid is setup (the 1x1 grid isn't usable below 400% zoom) use View/Show grid

(Jul 22, 2011 00:14)ofnuts Wrote:  Toolbox: I have more tools than the default and it fits in a 280x250 window... Check your Gimp profile for the "sessionrc" file. Mine says:

(session-info "toolbox" "dock"
    (position 1152 0)
    (size 280 858)
What says yours?
(session-info "toolbox" "dock"
(position 23 93)
(size 170 820)

(My screen resolution is 1366x768)
Also, the ~2000px toolbar is apparently not the default one, it was a toolbar appearing on the right side, not the left side. I guess it's the default one on the left side that is 820px.
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