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  Pressure sensitivity pen left click shortcut
Posted by: dogjake10 - Jun 25, 2017 19:58 - Replies (1)

Whenever I use my Wacom tablet in Gimp, the default mouse is still visible, unlike in Krita. I have a keyboard shortcut on my pen set to left click, so I can draw with the pen without touching the tablet surface (I use this for erasing/coloring.) This works well with Krita, but when I use Gimp, it treats the left click as a right click. Is there a way to fix this?

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  GIMP Taking Too Long to Start (Fonts)
Posted by: Seta - Jun 19, 2017 20:20 - Replies (2)

Hi, everyone. I've used GIMP for a long time, and just recently I installed a new OS (Windows 7) on my computer. On my previous OS I had a collection of google fonts that I downloaded (they were numerous), but I never had a problem with startup loading taking so long.

I re-installed the fonts and now GIMP takes about 5-7 minutes to startup. I thought there was a cache that made the loading quicker, but the speed has not increased at all.

Is there anything I can do except deleting the fonts? I need them in GIMP.


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  How to hide Ttiny crosshair cursor?
Posted by: Dartelec - Jun 11, 2017 06:33 - Replies (1)

In my touch display equipped computer there is tiny crosshair cursor in Gimp. This cursor is not removable by cursor settings in Gimp Preferences. It is not visible in other windows programs or desktop, just in Gimp.

I tried to look forums, manuals and tutorials to no avail.

I am using stylus in touch display and this tiny cursor is really annoying and I would like to hide it. So I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this!    

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  change the default export setting of Untitled.png
Posted by: ezz9 - Jun 9, 2017 15:44 - Replies (2)

I'm hoping this will be easy, but I can't find the info searching the web. So here I am. Smile

I would like to change the default export setting of "Untitled.png" to "cover.jpg" and have it export on my desktop.

I clean a lot of album covers for various websites and my music files. This is my go-to name for the covers. From there I move them to the file they belong in. The file name is the info for the cover. So having the same name on the image is not a problem and a must because my music player is set for cover.jpg as a default to pick that cover in the file. It would be nice to have it set at the startup instead of always having to change the first one every time and sometimes forgetting and having a no show named image to get in.

Please KISS "keep is simple stupid"
I'm really not to computer savvy and can get lost in the computer lingo.

Thank you.

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  Image Quality Degradation Issue
Posted by: dedoubleu - Jun 7, 2017 01:26 - Replies (2)


I have been using GIMP for a long time, but I'm no expert. I just use it for resizing, removing things from images, adding text, etc. I know about the layers, but I've never really gotten into that and that probably has something to do with the issue that I'm having.

I have an image that I want to add text to:

[Image: 169hy0x.png]

This is what it looks like after adding text:

[Image: 33osdpx.png]

Could someone tell me how to add the text and keep the quality of the image? It looked so much better before. Thank you all of your time!


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  xp-pen artist display 10.1 hd
Posted by: Richard1967 - Jun 5, 2017 16:04 - Replies (1)


Has anyone used the xp-pen artist display 10.1 hd for drawing or painting?

Their website's online chat says all their tablets work with gimp.

Anybody tried this tablet?


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  Why Can't You Select All Layers
Posted by: nihiloth79 - May 29, 2017 20:00 - Replies (1)

^ Manually select all layers in a project file with CTRL or SHIFT, even. Why has this function not been added to GIMP yet? This function can be used with almost anything else you do on Windows.

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  Is the gimpforums still in use?
Posted by: mamon - May 29, 2017 13:00 - Replies (1)

idk what's going on months ago?
Had the gimpforums been down? maintenance? or hacked?
Even my old account & threads was all gone. very few ppl that been active here.
I heard other gimp forum communities they gossip about this forums was
long dead years ago and:

But, Now today I'm here and see it's still alive.

So I want to know is this official gimp forum still in use or they're already gone to
http://gimp-forum.net/ ?

I ask this because I might have some of questions that I'd like to retrieve them back also I want to know the truth about this forums whats going on anyway?

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  gif making
Posted by: tybonel13 - May 27, 2017 12:36 - Replies (1)

I have been trying to make a gif by editing a previous gif. The only problem is the previous gif has 240 frames. I need a way to add a pasted image to every frame at once and not just 1. This is probably not specific enough but please help if you can.

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  Ram Usage seems excessive
Posted by: artmiller - May 25, 2017 09:19 - Replies (5)

When I open Gimp it is using 700mb of RAM before I even open an image.

I have 12gb RAM installed.

When I then begin processing an image the mouse lags. Really annoying. If I check the RAM usage whilst processing it goes up to 1.5gb and over.

I have cleared doc history, but still can`t understand why it loads up with 700mb before I even start work.

Preferences have been reset to default.

What am I doing wrong.........?!

Many thanks.


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