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  Gimp Layer Issue
Posted by: Eqinox - Today 12:45 - No Replies

Hi new to the forums and did a quick search and couldn't see anything similar or a fix.

Some time back I used to use Gimp all the time with out issue however I recently reinstalled it on my computer but I am having some issues with layers.

The problem I am having is lets say you have the image open and you add a layer or several layers and you want to change the order of the layers you would normally just click hold the layer you want to move then drag it up or down to where you want it but the issue i am having is when I click hold and drag it down it snaps back up to where it was I have tried reinstalling even deleting the 2 settings folders even tried installing an older version and the same thing happens

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  [Query] Export raw
Posted by: kholyphoenix1 - Nov 25, 2014 17:04 - Replies (3)

Good morning everyone!

It would be possible to export files saved in GIMP
with the .raw extension?


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  time delayted screen shots
Posted by: oui - Nov 24, 2014 23:04 - Replies (2)


Puppy Linux does rarely use Gimp because it needs a big installation and Puppy is a minimalist system (the ASRI version, ASRI is a Frenche teatchers association does use Gimp).
In the original Puppy, they are using mTpaint and make time delayted screen shots through a script beeing in /usr/bin.
as the Puppy forum allow to upload small pictures it is important to use such a tool to manipulate the big files resulting of the screen shot: select a part of the screen, change the number of pixel and save the result with reduced resolution as *.jpeg and eventually to print the picture out through «gtklp» as it is more easy as to change the settings of cups...

all that is of course possible with Gimp and a very good page explains how to do that: http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Lite_Quickies/ (excepted perhaps the use of gtklp)

I do it so in Gimp as I am using more and more Gimp instead of mTpaint.

but I am sad to follow the steps needing to take the screenshot, resize and crop the picture and save it as JPEG with the adequate resolution...

is that possible with a tool or a script?

are "standard" scripts offered somewhere (for example to resize, crop and re save all the picture / photos being in a directory as JPEG to send them together as a small pictures archive to a partner etc.?)

kind regards

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  RE-COLOR a Black Gate
Posted by: FenceGuy - Nov 21, 2014 16:22 - Replies (5)

Hi. I'm attaching a picture of a Black Gate. I want to use GIMP to make the gate white ... similar to the white showing on the arbor to the right.

However.... the black gate has a black lock on the right and 2 hinges on the left and I would like to leave those black.

Can anyone please direct me as to the best way to CHANGE the black gate to white.

I want to also keep all the shading and 3d aspects.

So if you look at the white arbor... it shows a few shades of white. How do I apply this same "look" to the black gate?

I really appreciate your help.

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  Legacy Brushes
Posted by: Mark J - Nov 21, 2014 14:47 - Replies (1)

I have installed several new brushes for GIMP 2.8, but they have pushed the legacy brushes to the bottom of the dialog box. Can I rectify this and put them back at the top, as obviously they are the most used?

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  clarify canvas size and image size
Posted by: morningkyle - Nov 21, 2014 09:03 - Replies (8)

There are layer size, image size and canvas size in GIMP. They are conceptually clear. But the operations on image scale and canvas resize still confused me. I think the confusion was caused by the fact that scaling a image automatically scales the canvas behind without a hint.

What about adding a check box in the scale image Dialog Box to disable/enable scaling canvas behind? Or at least there should be more words to explain the difference between resizing image and resizing canvas in the documentation. What do you think?

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  Cant edit my text in my text toolbar
Posted by: Miatpi - Nov 20, 2014 14:16 - Replies (2)

Hi, for some reason my Text tool cant edit my texts and so the only way to edit texts is to use the little pop-up box. Now my problem is that the pop-up box doesn't have any option to scroll through the fontlist and have fonts previewed.

So why doesn't my Text tool edit my texts?
It's frustrating to only be able to use the pop-up box.

Thanks in advance!

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  How to edit my pic like this? Pleaaaaaassseee help..?
Posted by: vktsubbu - Nov 18, 2014 19:17 - Replies (4)

I want to edit my photo like this. i.e. changing background as black and focus on face and clean edges?

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Posted by: kjacobs4242 - Nov 17, 2014 20:39 - Replies (2)

I have recently started shooting in RAWcr2 only, and of course that changes everything, so trying to construct a 'proper' new workflow. Question. Is there an advantage in terms of final JPG quality by saving to TIF from DPP (rather than jpg), working 8-bit TIF in gimp with a final save to JPG?

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  gimp image convert to pdf
Posted by: perro30 - Nov 15, 2014 17:01 - Replies (5)


I am busy for a friend, who'll publish an own cd, so needs a cover and so on.
I created several picture files, and of course, according to the commands of the one who is printing the material.
So I took care for the proper measurements (b x h) and of course at least 300 dpi.
I am using Gimp 2.8.14 and Ubuntu.

File -> Export works, but the result is horrible.
It does not take over the measurements of the image and the dpi is 100 dpi suddenly.
This is fully unacceptable to the one printing the material officially.

How can I really save an image, convert an image properly, meaning that the pdf file is completely the same, measurements and dpi, as the original file.
Is there a way I could configure this?

Please advise, thanks.

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