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  Gimp after images
Posted by: Frisky guy - Jul 24, 2016 13:22 - Replies (1)

I need help my animation gets after images when I play it.

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Question Opening unusual image files (Image specs known)
Posted by: Mrlong2 - Jul 23, 2016 16:02 - Replies (1)

Hi peeps!

So I'm trying to edit some images, but they're in a strange format, and I'm probably the first one to do what I'm doing.

I know the image specifications.

[Image: 2016-07-23.png?dl=0]

Pixel format: 8888 = 24+8
offset: 1
Instead of rgb, it's bgr
With: 579
offset: 1

How can I Get it to work? I've already "opened" it, but it's all messed up!

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  GIMP XCF image plug-In could not open image
Posted by: iamnuts - Jul 20, 2016 17:55 - Replies (2)

i cant open this xcf file but you can still see it fine in the pre-view
can anyone get this to work?


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  GIF won't play correctly
Posted by: JoshBurnstein - Jul 20, 2016 14:20 - Replies (1)

I've got a problem. I made a pixel Animation in gimp. But when I export it as a gif, the animation won't play correctly. Instead of jumping from one frame to the next it shows all preceeding frames. And instead of looping it it just plays the same animation backwards.

What is wrong? I made a couple of animations in gimp before and I have never got that problem.

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  Can't draw a straight line --Solved
Posted by: nelsh - Jul 19, 2016 21:48 - Replies (1)

I'm trying to start my project by drawing a straight line. I select pencil and click a starting point. I hold down the shift key and move the pointer to my desired endpoint. While still holding down the shift key, I left click. Puff! It all disappears.
While holding down the shift key, an imaginary (tentative) line follows the pointer around the palette, as long as the pointer stays within the margins. But, when I left click to mark where I want the line, it all disappears. What am I doing wrong?

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  Gimp doesn't recognize my tablet
Posted by: DarkenedWings - Jul 19, 2016 20:37 - Replies (1)

I recently purchased the Hurion H610Pro to try and get into drawing. I successfully installed all the drivers and the tablet works, but gimp doesn't recognize it as an input device which makes it so I can't take full advantage of the pressure sensitivity. I went through multiple other threads that had the same problem, most of them said switching over to gimp 2.6 helped them, but that did not work for me. I also don't want to have to settle, I'd like to fix the problem not compromise with it.

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  Select by Color tool does not selectc color
Posted by: gstalnaker - Jul 17, 2016 19:49 - Replies (5)

Bycolorselect Pencil Paintbrush Levels

NOTE: I'm using Gimp 2.9.5 so I can edit 16-bit scanned images. I've been using 2.9.x for some months.

I use a wavelet-decompose technique to identify and "fix" image damage. The technique:
- Create grain-merge layers using Wavelet Decompose
- Each of which in turn are duplicated.
- On each duplicate, Levels Levels is used to heighten visibility of the damage.
- Paintbrush Paintbrush is used to paint over each bit of damage.
- Select By Color Bycolorselect is used to select all areas painted.
- Duplicate layer is removed.
- Selection is active for original decompose grain-merge later and Heal Selection is done.

I have used this technique for months on multiple images. But now Select By Color Bycolorselect is not working. I use a bright purple as my Paintbrush Paintbrush color. I use only default settings for Mode, etc., as I've always done in the past.

When I activate the SelectByColor Bycolorselect tool and I click on purple, nothing happens. NOTE: if I click on a part of the layer I did NOT paint, SelectByColor Bycolorselect WORKS! WTH? LOL So, the tool will not select the painted part. If I switch to using Pencil Pencil SelectByColor Bycolorselect does not select that either.

Magic/Fuzzy Select Fuzzyselect DOES work (so I can with a lot of time, click on all of the painted areas to select them--a LOT of time). Color Picker Colorpicker DOES recognize the purple color and change the current color (I can click on a part of the non-painted layer and Color Picker changes the color to gray, then click on a painted part and the color changes to purple).

So, some tools seem to work on the painted/penciled color and some do not.

I confirm the correct layer is active and visible. There is no floating selection/layer. The mode of the decompose layer has no effect (I just tried with Normal rather than GrainMerge). I've spent several hours Googling and reading Forums, but no one has reported this kind of behavior with this Tool.

It may be that the issue is with the Layer or the Paintbrush/Pencil Paintbrush Pencil tools (how they are painting on the layer?), but I've no idea what issues there could be. I'm clicking on the tool in the Tools Palate and using it on the layer with defaults (so far as I know).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  Lost tool options
Posted by: Bighed - Jul 17, 2016 13:05 - Replies (2)

Not sure whats happened tbh. When I opened up my tool options from the windows list it scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page on the left side and gave me all the options. Now I'M only getting a small box which does airbrush. Nothing else. Anyone any ideas?

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  Multiple text layers,etc
Posted by: nayzwulf6913 - Jul 17, 2016 03:06 - Replies (3)

I'm trying to make a chat room animated gif banner for a friend and I'm running it to something odd. I made a gradient background no problem,but when I type in text I get basically a layer per letter where as when I practice with Script Fu before this didn't happen,very frustrating. I see the "Merge down" option but the first layer is white (not intended background),and every time I try to delete an unnecessary layer another is created which is the opposite of what I want. As an example of what I'm trying to create - "Hey there-break-It's Tom-break-I'm here- end",What am I doing wrong? Also why can I put text over a gradient background but when I try to put text over a solid background it covers text? I know how to fix this I just don't understand why this happens. I have a default download of GIMP 2.8.16 Win 10. Thank you in advance.

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  weird line when creating paths
Posted by: bifbangpow - Jul 15, 2016 00:11 - Replies (2)

So when I try to create curved text by following the
/create path/ text to path method, the path created has a strange line shooting out the last letter all the way acrodd the image. SO of course then when i fill the selection it looks horrible.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Confused

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