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  Color alpha function and its current errors
Posted by: Fuse809 - Oct 11, 2014 03:53 - No Replies

Whenever I use the color alpha function so as to make the background of my structural images transparent, the colours of the molecule (that are distinct from the background's colour, if you're wondering) get changed too, for example white hydrogen atoms become scarlet coloured. I'd like to know how I can rectify this problem.

Image prior to using color alpha on it:    
Image after color alpha:    

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  Losing image quality
Posted by: Futant - Oct 10, 2014 15:02 - Replies (2)

Hi, I am doing a favour for a friend and have hit a problem. He has a three colour image which is to be screenprinted onto fabric. I have been tidying it up so it is excactly three colours, apparently necessary for the printing process. However, when I save my version the resulting file always has a fuzzy border in darker shades of the original colours. Am I using the wrong file type, or something else?

Here is the image in gimp:
[Image: Screenshotfrom2014-10-10153513_zps82f02257.png]

Here is the saved (no compression) tif file:
[Image: Screenshotfrom2014-10-10154931_zps16980728.png]

Hope someone can help me out here, thanks.

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  Printing Creations
Posted by: captaincab - Oct 9, 2014 08:13 - Replies (3)

Hi all,

I don't have a printer at home but was wanting to print my creations through a proper photo printing company.

The question I have though, if the collage contains several images that are copyrighted (images I have just saved from the net). Would the printing company still do this for me? or don't they really care unless copyright information is visible?

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  eraser not working
Posted by: njoe - Oct 8, 2014 03:03 - Replies (3)

i am using gimp 2.8.4 andn when i use the eraser tool it just paints whatever my second color is can someone help me and i am new to the forums and i don't really know if i am posting this in the right place

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  Two 'halves' colour correction
Posted by: Supermandan1 - Oct 7, 2014 23:02 - Replies (3)


If i want to colour correct, say, the sky, then do a completely different colour correction for the image subject (person or building), and then combine these two 'halves' of the image, how is this done? Is there a video tutorial anywhere?

Thank you,


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  crop to selection problem
Posted by: spiridonios - Oct 7, 2014 22:02 - Replies (7)

hello comunity,

i m dealing with a problem that seems kinda dump on first site. i hope i just miss something.
on my way to crop my image, i make my selection with the fuzzy selection tool, choose select--> invert to choose my selection, and then i choose "crop to selection" through image or through layer menu. nothing happens though to my image. i only get a new "crop image" action at the history menu. my selection remains uncroped though.
any ideas?

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  Cutting out Background Question
Posted by: gazza - Oct 6, 2014 03:15 - Replies (2)

I have been trying my heart out to cut out the picture of Kylie from the background. I think it is almost impossible due to the background color being similar to the color of her hair. I must say, I have only been trying to do it as a project in an effort to hone my skills on cutting out the background of objects. I would appreciate any help on this or any comments on how one should go about it. Many Thanks ... Gary

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  Abysmal performance on 2.8.14/Windows
Posted by: Volrath - Oct 5, 2014 09:04 - Replies (4)

I've been a gimp user for quite some time now. However I've been having horrendous performance issues with 2.8.14 (and the 2.9) on Windows.

The Rectangle Selection lags massively. It skips 10-20+ pixels when dragging, making it unusable. Zooming in/out and panning isn't that smooth either. Even a basic fill operation takes half a second.

And that happens on even tiny images (say 100x100 pixels).

Tried increasing tile size to 1GB, didn't make a difference. Tried disabling color management thingy, again nothing.

All this on decent hardware (i5 2500k / 8GB RAM / GTX 760 / SSD) and a new windows 7/64bit installation. No other imaging program exhibits that behavior. Even tried PS and it's smooth as butter.

Anyone has a solution for this? Should I try dual boot ubuntu and the linux build?

Thank you for your time.

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  Colors disappeared(invisible)
Posted by: Sintel - Oct 4, 2014 12:35 - Replies (15)

Hi, i have been working on a drawing for a longt time now, but suddenly got a problem with a layer where the colors went "invisible" somehow.(it happened when the cintiq went mad somehow and i had do restart the computer). In that process i think some options in gimp made the colors go invisible.

When im using the color selectorColorpicker i can then see that there are different colors there witch i have used. I have checked that the layer is visible(the eye is on), but i cant figure how to get the colors back. I really hope someone can help me with this, thank you!!!

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Rainbow G'MIC plugin is awesome
Posted by: dinamic - Oct 3, 2014 17:48 - No Replies

G'MIC has been released http://gmic.sourceforge.net/gimp.shtml
and it has a nice "effect" Colorize[interactive] under black&white. I'm in love with it! Quick demo 4min B&W colorize (fast base)

It's not perfect yet and you still have to tweak it afterwords but it's a very FAST way to get a solid base (you get your colours on a diff layer)


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