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  Change direction of bezier curves
Posted by: tpalmerstudios - Feb 6, 2016 23:41 - Replies (1)

I am currently working on a font in fontforge and the GIMP. I am using paths made in the GIMP exported as SVG files in fontforge. My problem is that the letter shows up as just the outline of the path in fontforge. Extra points on the curves and the direction of the curves is changed. Thanks!

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  type in transparent page!
Posted by: mohammad2232 - Feb 4, 2016 20:10 - Replies (3)

hello dear friends
can you let me know how can i type some word in transparent page that every word has special color and special size !!
please see these images to know better
good type in microsoft word:
bad type in gimp:
when i'm going to change size , font or color it effect on all words!!
thanks so much

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  Text Wrapping
Posted by: arindam310881 - Feb 3, 2016 08:02 - Replies (2)

Dear Seniors and Friends
I am new in using Gimp. Currently in problem, were I need to wrap my text in and around an image. To let you understand, I have given link of an image which I need to incorporate in my Gimp work.[Image: figure17_07_clipping.jpg]

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  Strange image that doesn't preserve settings
Posted by: leopoldo - Feb 3, 2016 05:17 - Replies (2)

Hi, recently gimp was used to edit a image that seems to be saved under a different quality setting than the usual setting. The image is a jpg, which are always saved with 100% quality, but this one here isn't. I know that because small flaws that shows up every time after a saving procedure. I posted the link to two images, one before saying and another after saving. I know there is an option under advanced options called "Use quality settings from original image". It was marked and I thought that could be the reason behind this behavior. I unchecked the option and clicked the button "save default". However, opening the image again I saw that the small flaws were back and I went to see if the option "Use quality settings from original image" were unmarked. But they weren't. Here are the images. After saving, a pink contour can be noted around the letter (in the second image). http://s72.photobucket.com/user/john_smi...sort=3&o=0
So what is causing it. I think this can be a bug in the program. How can I know? And if it is, can it be corrected ?

Thanks for any advice .

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  I can't find the justify button
Posted by: Ilikecheese - Feb 1, 2016 00:49 - Replies (1)

I was told I'd find it on the text tool, but i can only size, font, italics, plain and bold.

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  Brush - Cursor offset (Ugee M1000L)
Posted by: WatchinOwl - Jan 31, 2016 12:33 - Replies (12)

Hey guys,
I'm having a problem with my graphics tablet (Ugee M1000l). The mouse pointer and the brush are offset by a certain amount when i want to draw on the canvas (it's always above and to the left of the mouse itself) . However, when using the tablet as a mouse (i.e. navigating the menus) everything is fine.
This offset is also changing depending on where the mouse is: The offset is much smaller when i move the pointer the top left of the screen and grows larger the further I move to the bottom right.
I'm running Windows 8 64 bit, Gimp 2.8.14 32 bit (this fixed a pressure sensitivity issue I had earlier) and have the latest driver installed for the tablet.

I'd like to show some screenshots, but the mouse pointer apparently does not appear on the screenshots, making them rather pointless. I read through the relevant threads because this apparently is an issue with a lot of the Wacom tablets as well, but the solutions involve making specific changes to the wacom driver, which is obviously different from the Ugee driver.
For the pressure sensitivity issue mentioned earlier, I followed this thread = http://gimpforums.com/thread-ugee-m708-t...ensitivity

I hope someone here can help me, I looked through tons of forum posts but apparently nobody has this issue with the Ugee M1000L. Thanks in advance!

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  Converting GIMP brushes (gbr) to Photoshop Brushes (abr)?
Posted by: Sylveon Fetish - Jan 30, 2016 13:09 - Replies (3)

I need to learn Photoshop, at least the gist of it, by the Fall semester in order to be able to take an actual class on it. I figured a lot of it out, but I need to learn more, I won't go into great detail because this is a GIMP forum, not a Photoshop forum.

My goal is to transition out of GIMP and into Photoshop; hopefully, by the end of the fall semester in 2016. I have 700 or so GIMP brushes I want to make into Photoshop brushes + more brushes in the GIMP 2.6 folder and in the GIMP Portable folder.

Is there a program to convert GIMP Brushes into Photoshop brushes, or a quick 'n easy way to do so or to batch do so? All that came up on Google was the reverse, converting Photoshop brushes to GIMP brushes, not GIMP brushes to Photoshop brushes, with the exception of one video featured on Google, which Google dropped the ball on because the video is only dealing with abr Photoshop brushes.

How can I get this done?


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  photoshop equivalent filter question
Posted by: graffy - Jan 26, 2016 22:34 - Replies (4)


Is there a workflow that produces an effect equivalent to photoshop's grain filter? I'm specifically
interested in reproducing the vertical grain effect - a series of vertical stripes of varying widths with an overlay of grain.

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  Please help, Wacom tablet glitched out.
Posted by: KatKurl - Jan 25, 2016 19:09 - Replies (1)

(Moderator - Edit: Changed text from black)
Hi. So recenty I got a Wacom (Cintiq Companion 1) And I find really weird glitches whenever I open GIMP. Whenever I start drawing, (I usually keep it on brush) it goes to pencil and puts spots everywhere I can't undo. Another glitch is that when I start drawing, it goes to pencil again and changes colour from red to black rapidly over and over again. Help please, and has any had this problem before?

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  Maddening Brush outline lag
Posted by: papael - Jan 24, 2016 07:22 - Replies (8)

Hello I've been using Gimp since for about 6 years now. With it's help I've been able to sell illustrations on the internet, discover techniques and improve my skills. The recent updates on 2.8 though have made painting on Gimp a real nightmare and are weighting heavily on my workflow.

Since I learned of this widespread problem plaguing the userbase, I remember downloading a different version of Gimp and it did the trick... for a while.

I come back a few months later after finishing my last illustration to find that, for reasons unknown, the brush outline no longer synchs with the cursor. The cursor and the drawing seem to work as usual, but the brush outline lags constantly behind, weather I'm using elaborate brush settings or none at all. No matter the brush size, or image complexity either. It doesn't matter if I'm using tablet or mouse. It's like the brush outline has it's own independent and variable FPS. The refresh rate is abysmally low.

It seems this issue has also been unnerving a lot of people for at least 3 years. Now I have been randomly drawn to enjoy it too.

Hiding the rulers did nothing to me, I always work with rulers hidden anyway. I tested 2.6, notorious refuge for the painters, and the lag was significantly lower in that version. Pretty much how it was before. With an actually decent and affordable refresh rate.

Has anyone at all come to understand what this issue is about?

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