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  squeeze part of logo
Posted by: tahoe fly - Yesterday 07:09 - Replies (3)


I would like to have less space between the 2 parts of the "M" in the attached logo. But I do not want to effect the rest of the logo. Can I cut it and put it back together so to speak? Not sure how to do it as I am new to gimp. thanks
.xcf  morhorse logo 1.xcf (Size: 1.08 MB / Downloads: 8)

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  Missing Dialog Box Buttons
Posted by: DandelionFancy - Sep 29, 2014 19:12 - Replies (2)

My layers dialog box is missing several buttons underneath (move layer up and down, delete layer, anchor, etc) - the links are still there, and will work, but the icon for them is invisible.

Anyone know of a fix for this?

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  Using Color/Levels causing phosterization photos
Posted by: piotrkast - Sep 29, 2014 12:30 - Replies (1)

I don't know if this is right place for this.

When I hit Auto button in this plugin and apply later another filters I see that my photo had posterization effect. I search extensively what causes this problem and found out that poblem is in this plugin.

Whats going on? Show on example. After hitting auto button I get this value right below histogram (in line parameters: chanel; low; gamma; high):
Red; 28; 1.00; 224

Values in (colors channel) low other than 0, and high other than 255 causes posterization. This effect grows if sliders are far from their max position (for low - 0 and high - 255).

I think, that may be the solution for this problem:
1. Read min slider value and calculate differential betwen 0 and min slider value. Write down this value
2. Read slider max value and calculate differential betwen 255 and max slider value. Write down this value
3. Sum this both value and divide sum by 2. This is new gamma vaue for this channel.

Red value sample:
1. 28 - 0 = 28
2. 255 - 224 = 31
3. (28 + 31) / 2 = 59 / 2 = 29.5

Because you may enter only integers, your new value is 30. So you must enter in this channels values (in line parameters: chanel; low; gamma; high):
Red; 0; 1.30; 255

Do it in the same way in the Green and Blue channel.

Maybe you fix Levels plugin or do it in semiplugin mode? What do you think about this?

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  Choosing appropriate background from a large collection
Posted by: phplearner - Sep 29, 2014 10:32 - Replies (5)

I have an image (e.g. photo of a ball) which background is removed and also have a collection of 1000 artistic background files (JPG files).
I am looking for a simple way to put the original image (photo of the ball) in the middle of those artistic backgrounds one after another. So I could see how it looks in each background and choose the best one.
Is there a simple way to this with gimp? e.g. I tell gimp the folder path of 1000 background files and it loads them. Then I press up and down arrow keys on my keyboard and the backgrounds changes one after another. Is it possible with gimp?
If not, is there any plug-in or other software that could do this for me?

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  Dragged Layer Dropping Issues
Posted by: darkikuto18 - Sep 29, 2014 01:32 - Replies (4)

Hello! I'm a little new with this forum so I don't know if this thread is supposed to be here but I was hoping someone could help me.
I don't know if this is a bug, I started reusing Gimp after a couple of months and the layer dialog won't let me drop the dragged layers up and down with the cursor. The buttons work, but It won't even let me drop dragged layers into created folder groups. I've been fiddling with the layer dialog button but it doesn't seem to work. Sad
Any ideas on how to solve this please?

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  printing issues
Posted by: Ges164 - Sep 28, 2014 20:00 - Replies (1)

RE: Printing - True size
Hello I'm trying to get the correct specs to print a logo at the size 8.5 x 11
Which I'm just testing before I print on wide format.. how do I resize my logo I know
How to scale the image which is 300ppi but how do I image to print in the size I mentioned my second question is how do I print logo with out background onto
A transfer paper just the logo it self with out the transparent background...

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  pixel-art animation
Posted by: creed24 - Sep 28, 2014 16:39 - Replies (1)

Hey guys. I have experience with GIMP, but I'd like to get your input on something..

My next project requires me to animate some pixel art similar to this:


Ideally, I'd like to set GIMP up in a way that will let me work on a given frame and see the changes in realtime. Like, most of the work area would be editing the frame and I'd have a small preview window that's looping through the frames at a given speed. Has anyone achieved this or similar?

If this isn't possible with GIMP, I'd like to be able to have separate frames (each frame in a layer I guess) and be able to press left and right arrows to hide all layers then unhide the next layer. i.e.,

I have three layers (frames), and layer 1 is the only one visible.
I press the right button and GIMP hides layer 1 and unhides layer 2.

I know this is kind of a long shot being that GIMP probably wasn't designed for animation but I wanted to get the community's feedback. Thanks guys.

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  help manual DOWNLOAD for mac OS X ?
Posted by: coatli - Sep 28, 2014 10:48 - Replies (4)

Just cannot find a Gimp help manual download anywhere!
I did manage to successfully download and install Gimp for Mac OS X;
however, the help manual aspect did not install.
I then searched a few different links/sites for it, including:
GIMP help files are available at http://download.gimp.org/pub/gimp/help/.
which only led me to this big weird list which i did not understand.
(A lot of this stuff was way over my head, like what "tarballs"are and all that…
If they are only online, I hope not because I usually cannot access internet— I really hope for a manual I can download!)

For the manual download I did a google search too;
I also tried http://download.cnet.com/GIMP,
and I also tried http://gimp.lisanet.de,
and from there I finally found a download manual! —
however, after installling it and getting the installation successful confirmation, it still did not work. Sad Huh
An error notified me that it was not installed, when I tried to open Help in Gimp.
I tried re-installing it three times, with no success!
Do you have any suggestions for me on what I can try to get the Gimp help manual downloaded to my iMac?
I'd be super grateful!
Thanks, Coatli

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  [Solved] Install failure on Win 7 Pro, Suggestions?
Posted by: AshtonC - Sep 27, 2014 16:43 - Replies (2)

On my first time to ever try to install gimp, I'm receiving an install fail dialog.

The download page states that both 32 and 64 bit versions are included with the install file.
File name: gmp-2.8.14-setup-1.exe

My Win 7 Pro is the 64 bit version.
Any guidance appreciated.
[Image: GimpFail.png]

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  Tablet Problems with Gimp 2.8
Posted by: riveter - Sep 26, 2014 13:13 - Replies (2)

I can't get a graphics tablet to work properly with Gimp 2.8.14. I know this is a common problem, but I wanted to weigh in.

My tablets (Monoprice and Wacom Bamboo) both work fine with Krita, Photoshop, and Blender texture paint. This means they make a brush stroke with no noticeable lag and pressure control is working properly.

But I have problems with both tablets with Gimp. Note that I removed the Wacom drivers before installing the Monoprice drivers.

Here's my test of my Monoprice TWA60 (6814) tablet with Gimp.

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit

2.8.14 64 bit: If Input Device Tablet is Disabled, stylus acts as a mouse; makes stroke, but no pressure control. If Input Device Tablet is set to Screen or Window, stylus makes no stroke and jitters between a move or pan looking arrow and a right click menu when touched to tablet. Stylus tip is set to left click in tablet settings utility. Not usable.

2.8.14 32 bit: Pressure opacity works but bad lag. Not usable.

2.6.12 32 bit: Pressure opacity works fine with no significant lag. Usable.

What I have tried:
Set Windows to 'Never install driver software from Windows Update'
Disabled TabletInputService
Delete all the other HID device drivers
Reboot Windows
Installed tablet drivers then plugged in tablet

I followed this troubleshooting guide:
Monoprice Tablet FAQ for Windows 7

Is anyone able to use a tablet with Gimp 2.8 on Windows 7? If so, which tablet do you have?
Are the developers working on the tablet problem?
Could we start a Kickstarter campaign to finance some upgrades to Gimp? There are a few things that would make it a good replacement for Photoshop. Like fixing the tablet issue, implementing the canvas rotate feature (I know they are working on that one), making the layers lockable, adding adjustment layers, and adding a line with arrowheads without having to use an awkward script. I know I can do arrowheads in Inkscape.

I would just bite the bullet and pay for Photoshop, but now they have gone to the 'software as a service' scheme and I don't support that. So I have great hope for Gimp in the future.

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