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  Batch Processing
Posted by: Grimface - Today 10:32 - Replies (4)


I've never used Gimp for batch processing before so was hoping people could point me in the right direction. I have a folder full of image files where I want to select the entire image, move it up a number of pixels, then re-save it. Is this even possible and if it is what's the best way to go about it?


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  premult png image causing fringing
Posted by: willanie - Today 06:00 - Replies (2)

This has been discussed extensively in many posts.
I have exhausted all the tips and tricks to do with fixing this in Gimp.
Gimp "normal" mode blending results in fringing with png images that are rendered with the RGB premultiplied by alpha.
The png specification states that RGB is not associated with alpha, so in those cases Gimp works just fine. But many CG rendering applications do not provide the option to create unpremultiplied images. Which results in fringing when using gimp for layering.

When using other compositing software like Nuke or AfterEffects to layer premultiplied png images, there is no fringing. This is because those applications properly unpremult the RGB by first converting the image to linear float(inverted sRGB) and then dividing by the alpha.
In Gimp it is possible too unpremult the RGB by using the "divide" blend mode. The problem is this divide must be done in a linear non gamma color space or the result is wrong. Also the intermediate must be kept as a float to avoid color precision loss.

Is there a Gimp plugin that can properly unpremult a png image?

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Question GIMP 2.8.14: tablet touch ring doesn't zoom?
Posted by: Croissante - Jul 2, 2015 05:57 - Replies (8)

I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet with a touch ring set to zoom, but when I try to use it in GIMP, the cursor just changes to the little dropper/colour picker tool (it doesn't actually change the tool selected to the colour picker tool though, only the cursor changes) instead of zooming. the touch ring works on other stuff like webpages, just not in GIMP.

The zoom feature works normally when I use ctrl and my mouse wheel.
The touch ring zoom used to work on GIMP, but after resetting the computer and upgrading GIMP and windows (to 8.1), it stopped working... Huh

I tried going to edit>preferences, but I couldn't find anything that helps. I tried going to edit>preferences>input devices>configure extended input devices, but there's only the Core Pointer, WACOM tablet eraser and WACOM tablet pressure stylus.

I'm not stellar with computery stuff, so please keep explanations simple for me! I also don't have admin privileges on this computer, so I can't really try out stuff unless it's a sure solution. Blush

also a side problem: I configured the upper pen button to 'right click' and the bottom pen button to 'middle click', but GIMP insists on setting them up the other way around. I also tried setting both buttons to 'middle click', but it still does the same thing. help! Undecided

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  Experienced gimp users - how can I alter images on the web to make them look unique?
Posted by: Kuurt - Jul 1, 2015 20:33 - Replies (8)

I'm wondering if there is any way I can take a screen shot of someone's Youtube video and bring that image into Gimp and alter it some way so that it still looks good and you can tell what the person in the picture is doing, but I want to alter enough that you can't tell it's that person. So if the owner of the video saw the picture they wouldn't even know I got the image from their video. Any ideas about how I could do that?

The reason I want to do this is because I need some unique pictures for my articles on my website and I can't find any pictures of what I need at places like Istockphoto or any of the many other similar sites. I have a survival or prepper website. One topic I talk about, for example, is how to start fire with different methods like the hand drill method, bow drill method, etc. But, I can't find these kinds of images on those kinds of sites, and I really don't want to have to take them from other people's sites.

So I thought if I take a screen shot of someone's Youtube video and alter it someway so that it doesn't look like the video and the guy in the video doesn't look the same, then my images will seem unique.

So I took a screen shot of the guy in this Youtube video starting a fire with a hand drill.


I would up load an image, but I can't figure out how to. Any idea how I can alter such an image so that it still looks good without it being obvious I took the image from someone's video? I also don't want the guy to be identifiable. Any ideas?


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  How to force gimp to index an image to 256 colours
Posted by: CaptainBoj - Jul 1, 2015 04:08 - Replies (3)

Hello, I'm making custom gravestones and flags for Worms Armageddon which requires them to be 256 colour bitmaps.

When I make the image indexed I tell it to make 256 colours but it always reduces it since there aren't that many colours in my picture.

If I don't have it at 256 colorus it glitches out, so I have to add lots of junk colours one by one to make up for it.

Here's an example of my colour map:
[Image: c77adf2f1d8f2fb60864f67d40d334a2.png]

All the grey I had to add manually which meant I had to click the + button 208 times to make it right, which is really annoying.

Is there a way to force gimp to make 256 colours or maybe a way to add a whole bunch of colours instead of one by one?

Thank you.

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Star Crashing Gimp
Posted by: kmatt - Jul 1, 2015 01:54 - Replies (3)

I've been using gimp on off for a while but just recently decided to really play with it. I added a TON of patterns and now it wont open. I have 2.8 and a macbook air. I tried to add patterns by going through the system preferences but that didn't work so I added them while actually in gimp through the folder section when you open the preferences and now I cant figure out how to take those out! The application wont open now Sad I moved the application to the trash,Huh deleted it and reinstalled but it still will not open. HELP!!!!!

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  Projected release date for GIMP 2.10
Posted by: Kait_Em - Jun 28, 2015 21:19 - Replies (5)

Is there a projected release date for GIMP 2.10(or whatever the newest version would be)?

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  Banding in Gradient
Posted by: r1wigs - Jun 28, 2015 16:12 - Replies (6)

I followed a Gimp tutorial on how to replace a sky and create a gradient. It looks great till I save it. When you look at the picture the sky has very noticeable horizontal banding. I started over from scratch and same result. I even tried selecting it again and blurring it but that doesn't fix it either. Before saving I don't see any banding.

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  Color of border of value bar
Posted by: drdawid - Jun 27, 2015 18:15 - Replies (1)


I’m working on GIMP theme. I’ve a problem with borders of value bars – how to change them color in gtkrc file?

[Image: 2lblvh2.png]

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  Pixelated brushes with scale Dynamics
Posted by: Pyteo - Jun 27, 2015 16:51 - Replies (5)

Hello everyone,

I've been doing a test run with Gimp to see if I can use it as my main painting software and so far I'm happy with the results. You can see some of the works here and here.

But there is one major issue that is holding me back.

Whenever I apply scaling to the brush using pressure dynamics the brushes get pixelated while scaling. With opacity only everything is ok. This image illustrates the problem:

[Image: VMFv5FZ.jpg]

Is this a know issue and is there a solution to it?
Here's the brush so you can try it by yourselves(although it happens with all the brushes).

Also, can anyone please point me the right way to contact the devs for feedback or suggestions?


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