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  Glass case effect
Posted by: Asmita - Today 19:12 - No Replies

Hello. This is my image: http://www.unitscan.org/logo.xcf
I wish to find a way to create an effect to make the "D" letter set inside the sphere. I tried to put it at a lower level but I don't get what I want: could you advise me how to do?

Thanks in advance Blush

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Exclamation brush size slider FIX IT
Posted by: CaoMengde777 - Today 18:38 - No Replies

FIX- add option to adjust scale ... ... 1-1000 , 1-500, 1-250, 1-100 , 1-50, 1-10

is there anyway at all to change the scale of the brush size slider?
so instead of going from 0-1000
it goes to like 0-100 ... or 0-50

how often is a brush higher than like 200 ever even used???HuhAngry

i use brushes like 1-10 pixels... maybe 30,

the way the brush slider is , is sooo stupid, if i had hired the programmer that did it, id fire him...Angry

iam aware of the top and bottom of the slider is different sensitivity...
but... i touch it just a little and it goes 1-7.. 7-13
i want it to go 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 or even 1-1.2-1.4-1.6-1.8-2

everything else about GIMP is really nice! ... i forget, what was the old way this was done?? i think i kind of liked it..? i remember it was not the best either??

one thing i certainly LOVE in the newer versions is single window mode...

wait... is GIMP open source? and i could mod this? .. i should... its totally ridiculous...
a dumb baby programmed this crap.. Tongue
(it seriously makes me mad everytime i work with GIMP.. ive become really comfortable with GIMP, when i mix images together i love it, but when i draw from scratch i HATE the brush slider...)

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  Drop down menu stuck
Posted by: jimmyspenser - Today 15:14 - Replies (1)

The drop down menu is stuck all the time and makes it difficult to post. See attached screen shot


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  Any1 else have a problem with DA?
Posted by: jimmyspenser - Today 15:06 - Replies (2)

This computer doesn't see DA I don't know why. Sad
I used firefox...Maybe it got blocked?:blink:

Idk.. any ideas people? Please help!

Thank You!

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  Comparability with Photoshop: layer styles
Posted by: jimmyspenser - Today 14:52 - Replies (3)

I want to ask why didn't gimp devs recreate Photoshop's layer styles, thous increasing its compability, and drop in replace value?

I'ma we developer and I would love to use GIMP, instead of Photoshop, but lot of Designers use Photoshop with layer styles, adjustment layers, etc., but those look horrible in GIMP, and I'm forced to use Photoshop, even if i don't want to...

to my knowledge layer styles and even adjustment layers aren't something new, so why couldn't the gimp devs do these?

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  Histogram Mean Calculation
Posted by: sergioribeiro - Today 14:40 - Replies (2)

Hello Gimpers,

Im open a image and in the histogram windows we can see mean, std dev, median, pixels, count and percentile values. Im having problem to understand how he calculate mean value. The mean standard calculation is pixels / 255 it is mean or average. I have a image with 45000 pixels, but he give me 88.3 result for mean value. I want know how GIMP calculate mean value ? I suppose it is not statistical standard mean calculation.



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  Save as JPEG
Posted by: jimmyspenser - Today 14:39 - Replies (1)

How do I save a GIMP file as a JPEG? I want to be able to open the file in Adobe Illustrator, but I can't figure out how to save it as something other than a XCF file.

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  graded transparency for blurring?
Posted by: jimmyspenser - Today 14:32 - Replies (1)

I want to select and copy the background of a photo into a new layer, which I can do, and then blur it max to zero to give the impression of a low "f" number aperature setting. I recall seeing somewhere a fade out process using a channel method but I cannot remember how to do it. Thanks

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  Image resolution
Posted by: RhinoCan - Yesterday 17:09 - Replies (7)

My chiropractor wants to do a slideshow in his waiting room giving information about various medical conditions and how chiropractic helps those conditions. The slideshow will be on a USB stick plugged into USB port on an HD TV of 36 or 42 inches (roughly 90 to 120 cm for people in metric countries). What size pictures should be the smallest he should use if he wants the pictures to be sharp, clear and professional-looking?

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  copy in place from one drawing to another
Posted by: Mark Pigott - Jul 22, 2014 14:24 - Replies (4)

I'd like to copy a layer from 2 exact dimension drawings from one drawing to another, and maintain the placement of the copy layer in the same spot in the pasted drawing.

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