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Full Version: Mikesgames Productions Competition!
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I couldn't find a better place to post this, because it involves 2D design.

Mikesgames Productions ( or MGP for short) is looking for someone to design them a healthbar in GIMP or photoshop for there upcoming game, Timensions.

So far the GUI (Graphical User Interface) we have for the game is this:

[Image: 2wnp72h.png]

It is ok, but not that good.

We are having a contest to make a GUI healthbar ( without the red bar in middle), that has the same shape as the one above.

The contest will last for 2 weeks, and I will personally decide on a winner.

The prize for the winner is...

[spoiler] Permenant mod space on the MGP forums (link in sig)[/spoiler]

Thanks, And good luck.

PS- you can also enter on the MGP forums!
Why hasn't anyone entered? over 50 members, and barely anyone has seen this topic.

Please enter, the prize is sooo good!
is it over, can i still participate?
it is not still over, you can enter still, yes.

We have a new forum, so the prize would is a mod space on this forum:

it is better if all contestants join up and post often, so the other members can trust you if you win!

this is open on several forums!
BUMP! This is still open for all to enter!

come on everyone!
there, i've done mine, can we have more than one submission?

Thanks for entering!

any more?
anyone else entering???

no deadline, but it would be nice to recieve a few more entries!
Hey, I'll try to whip somethin' up for ya.
Any theme for the health bar (Blocky, smooth, glowy)?
I can do graphics pretty well.
um... the theme is prehistoric.

use these for brainstorming:
[Image: Alaskan_pachyrhinosaurus_lg.jpg]
[Image: jurassic-period-dinosaurs-250x250.png]

Alright, I'll get right on that.
Don't know how prehistoric I can make it though...
But I'll try!

I am normally online ALL the time.
Sorry, I can't upload it on my sloooow internet, I'll have to upload it at the library.
sometime soon.
I am on wireless Tongue

Upload it whenever you can Smile
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