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Full Version: Trouble "cartoonifying" drawing
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Hello friends! Brand new forum user here.

I've had some experience with gimp before, but I'm brand new to most of the filters. I have a very light scan of an old pencil drawing that I would like to change into an image with nice clean, smooth lines, sort of like a cartoon line drawing.

I'm sorry these images are so huge, I can't figure out another way to get them in here.
Here's what I'm starting with:
[Image: DPx7scX.jpg]

Here's the kind of look I'm going for:
[Image: stock-vector-cartoon-map-of-south-america-371521012.jpg]

Here's as close as I've gotten so far:
[Image: qzNv6pD.jpg]

Mostly I've been trying to use the brightness/contrast, gaussian blur, and cartoon filter tools to make it happen--but I can't seem to get clean lines and smooth edges, and it's really difficult to eliminate all the clutter too. Part of the problem is that the scan has such low contrast to begin with, but I don't have the original document anyway. If I could draw to any degree that would help, but I'm pretty useless and limited to a laptop touchpad anyway. Anyone have any ideas for what I can try to do better here?
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