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Full Version: Real basic question
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Sorry I am sure this has been covered but I cant find an answer that is basic enough, and I cant make it work .
I want to take two pictures and lay them over each other, so that they are both visible. ie making one the background to the other. ie taking a person and overlaying onto a scene. Maybe there is a step by step how to (In small steps) that does not assume any knowledge as I am struggling
Hi and welcome.

Could you post the two images you have as an example.
This will assist us in creating a tailored solution for your needs.
PS could you also advise us of the Gimp version you are using (eg:2.8.6) and you OS too.
Thanks for rapid responses.

The first set of pictures Im working with are on a different pc, Ill drop them here tomorrow..
Would the process be the same for two geometric type designs, which my daughter is keen to manipulate for a college project?
(Oct 4, 2014 00:32)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]No, likely different, and much easier, especially of the geometric designs are created directly in Gimp.

ok Gimp 2.8.14 O/S - Windows 7
Ill go for the supposedly simpler version first then the two designs..
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