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Full Version: Paste images into WordPad
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So I have just discovered this.
Did everyone else already know about this?
I like this so that I can list some pngs and display it's image next to it for easy find.

Insert images into WordPad
● If the image has a transparent background, then the background will appear black in WordPad.
● And of course an animated gif will just show a static frame.

RightClick on image in browser (firefox) > Copy Image > Paste into WordPad

If anyone else can find another Editor that will allow inserting images... please tell !

[Image: lpaAqM.png]
(Sep 20, 2014 09:08)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]In case you don't know you can also copy images in Firefox and paste it in Gimp (or use Create>From clipboard)

I was about to suggest similar, but then I remembered the text editor isn't the most user-friendly for beginners and sometimes pro's alike. (Trying to re-edit typed text & consistent formatting can be a pain)


You should try the free version of word or powerpoint(better yet as this presentation program lets you insert animated .gifs I think, I know it does sound & short movie clips (free alternatives) , you can do more formatting than wordpad does.
Thanks for info ofnuts !

Thanks very much iForStyle007 !
Transparent background is transparent and not black in Works Word Processor !
PS: Hope you see Reputation+1 that I added for you.

[Image: f4lzDw.png]
Thanks Barbie, but ew the black border of unsupported transparency whyyyyy ><

If you want your images to look transparent on these word processors, just make the background white in Gimp before you paste them into the word programs, as nearly all of them use a consistent white background.
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