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Full Version: Can't get copy and paste to work
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I've just transitioned to gimp from photoshop and am somehow managing to have trouble with a task as simple as copy and paste. Starting to wonder if it's actually a bug. Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong? This is what I'm doing:

In another program (FitsViewer, if that's relevant) I copy an image, which I understand copies the image to the clipboard as a bitmap.
For diagnostic purposes I then pasted this image into programs like MS Paint and MS Word, and the image appears just fine.
I do the same in Gimp, either using Ctrl+V or Paste As -> Layer, and I end up with a new layer the same size as the copied image (if the selection is anything to go by), but containing only transparent pixels, i.e. completely empty.

Opacity is set to 100%, and the image is the same size or larger than the gimp file, so if it's there I should see it, and I don't understand why I don't. Zoom is 100%. Original image does not contain any transparent pixels. Layer is visible, and is the top layer, so is not being covered by anything. Really not sure what I could have overlooked.
Hi Ulysses, welcome to the forums! Smile

Well, I found a fix for OSX (mac) version of Gimp with problem pasting. But if your using GImp in another OS, you might have to wait a little bit longer or file a bug report on gimp bugzilla.

Here is the OSX fix for copy & pasting in Gimp:
I'm on Windows 7, so it looks like there's no available fix. Such a shame this is a bug. Unfortunately this renders the program unusable until it's fixed. Copy and paste is a pretty fundamental feature I can't do without. I'll start hunting for another program. Thanks for your help anyway though.

*edit* didn't see the above post til I'd posted this, since they're only minutes apart. Will give that a go and report back.
The FITS image format is supported by Gimp, so try opening rather than copy/paste via the dubious windoze clipboard.

A bit about it
Gimp may be able to open FITS files, but I need them to be rendered in a particular manner, and I'm not aware of a way to export this information from FitsViewer to Gimp apart from the copy tool. I don't believe gimp is capable of performing this sort of data manipulation in place of FitsViewer, or at least not with the same ease, otherwise this would be a suitable workaround.

And I'm sure copy and paste works fine for most things, just not this specific task. I'm trying to use gimp for what is essentially data analysis, so if it can't play nice with the other analysis programs in my toolbox then it's not really usable for me, even though it's probably fine for general image editing.

Still playing around with things. I'll let you know how they go.
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