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Full Version: Printing - True size
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I am trying to print an image of a drawn around foot, it has a ruler placed on the image for sizing. When I measure the ruler on screen the sizing is correct, but I cannot get it to print to be 1:1. I would like to print out to check the sizing and then cut out and measure on our foot measuring board. Can any advise me to get it to 1:1
Thanks for your reply ,Sorry I don't mean physically measure 'on the screen', but using the 'Measure Tool' within GIMP to measure the scale on the ruler.
I will have ago at what you have suggested.
Hello I'm trying to get the correct specs to print a logo at the size 8.5 x 11
Which I'm just testing before I print on wide format.. how do I resize my logo I know
How to scale the image which is 300ppi but how do I image to print in the size I mentioned my second question is how do I print logo with out background onto
A transfer paper just the logo it self with out the transparent background...
thank you
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