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Full Version: Trying to erase text from an image
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Hi I am trying to remove the text from a picture and make it match the backround.

This is the original image:

And this is as far as I was able to get the text

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Clone tool.
resynthesizer plugin + Clone tool
Thanks to all of you, but Akros that is exactly what I am trying to do. I have downloaded the resynthesizer plugin and am attempting to replace the text with new text in the same style.

I put text in but I'd like to get it in a similar font and format as the rest of the text like you did. I'd also like to keep the bottom like you were able to. How do I go about that? Im currently watching a tutorial on the "Then make a rectangle selection around each line (rather tight fit) and use Filter>Enhance>Heal selection (use "Above and below" sampling)." method that Oofnuts mentioned.
I used the rectangle select tool Rectselect , and I selected the entire text of "The creature" to "Scream."
Used: Filters - Enhance - Heal Selection
width -10
sample from - above and below

Then I used the clone tool Clone to homogenize texture.
Not sure, but I think the font used is Carnivalee Freakshow.
Removing the image
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