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Full Version: Fill with picked colour
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I want to delete some text and cover that area with the surrounding page tint.

How do I do it, please?
Assuming the text is not a Gimp text layer.
Depends on the surrounding page tint.

With standard Gimp tools you could try the clone tool see:

Another way is to select an area of page, copy it, turn the selection off, and paste back in as a floating selection. Move that over the text and anchor it.


clip out a bit of the page and post it for better help
Hi, many thanks

I'm attaching what I'mtrying to do: I have tippexed some text (or I can start from the original text) and now I want it to look as if nothing ever existed there.
Hi thanks

I can't make the Clone tool work. I've gone as far as holding the control key and using the clone tool clicking on an empmpty area of the background. But what do I do next? I tried sliding the Clone tool and the paintbrush but nothing happens.

I must be very dumb...

the link that you sent me opens a youtybe screen. The screen has a Gimp screen. At the bottom right-hand side there is a box with various brushes. I cannot find out how to bring that box up.

Please ignore previous post about brushes dialog. I found the answer!
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