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Full Version: Histogram of same selection in two images
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So, I want to select the exact same pixels in two images of the same size, and look at their intensity statistics using the histogram dialog. The selection is disconnected and irregularly shaped.

I found one set of instructions that involved turning the selection into a channel then copying the selection over to a new image, but a) I couldn't find the menu options of 'select' and 'paste' in the channel menu, as opposed to the main menu, that it referred to and b) the histogram dialog doesn't seem to work on a selection that you've turned into a channel. I'm rather confused about channels, layers and masks, and also how to keep a common reference point when I copy from one image and paste to another. If anybody feels like enlightening me it would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot to both of you! The opening as a new layer is a really easy solution to this problem.
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