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Full Version: Mosaic shapes too small
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I want an image similar this, but I want the triangles to be 3-5 times larger. I am using the Mosaic filter on a gradient, but the maximum Tile Size is too small. (Depicted in first image.)

One solution is to use the filter on a smaller image, but of course I want the high resolution in clear quality. The first image is with maximum tile size on a 2k working file.

If there is some way to un-cap the maximum tile size in that filter (I could learn how to edit the plugins, if that is not too hard!), or another filter with a similar result, or something else, I'd love to know! It seems to me that the limit is arbitrary and that the plugin would work just fine with a limit of 500%, if not more.


(On a side note, this is not the only time there has been a seemingly arbitrary limit on a filter slider which has impeded my work. Other plugins have similar limits, but there was always a workaround. If I am wrong in that the limit is arbitrary, then please forgive my ignorance!)
I had a bit of a scout around, probably the same places as yourself. Maybe in G'mic somewhere but I could not find much.

Same with other applications, Inkscape, Imagemagick, tend to be regular small squares

The gimp mosaic plugin is compiled, so you would need to
1) find the code (hint )
2) know what you are doing.

It might (a very qualified might) be possible running the mosaic plugin but by-passing the settings dialog.

This is using the batch plugin BIMP but with just a single source.
As a comparison, same size canvas, I was unable to get the hard effect but that might be my gradient/settings. The plugin does leave transparency so I had to slip the original gradient underneath.

[Image: EMoqj1q.jpg]

The BIMP settings are shown here, If you find suitable values (no guarantee), then it should be possible to run Gimp from the command line. BIMP is slow to render a 3840x2160 image so larger images will be a drag. Maybe experiment with some small images first.

Hopefully someone will come up with another solution.

edit BIMP
I quite like this 'larger mosaic'

here is the latest try, getting closer

[Image: 3mHbJNz.jpg]

BIMP can save settings in a file, for later use. These are the paramters for above
#BIMP 1.11

PARAM3=300  <<<<<<<< this is the first parameter av. diameter in BIMP
Ah, these are wonderful, the 'latest try' is exactly what I was looking for! Once I have the chance I will try this myself, and if all goes well (or not) I will post again.

(I can't stop drooling over that last image as I type this.)


Update: I installed BIMP and got it working (Very well, I am sure I will use it for other things as well!) and I have been able to do exactly as I wanted. Thanks again for all the help!
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