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Full Version: CSS3 Fullscreen Background Image
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Well I decided I would give the new size property in CSS3 a try, and I found this image on deviantART, and thought it's be perfect to use.

CSS3 has a bunch of new abilities, but the one we're gonna get into today is the size property.

Just like when you add a background color (background-color:#F00;) changing the size of the background image is almost exactly the same, all you do is add background-size:200px 400px; the 200px represents the width, and the 400px represents the height. So if you want it to be fullscreen you would add 100% to the width, and height.

So as our background we'd apply it to our body, and this is our full code.

<title>Fullscreen BG Image</title>
<style type="text/css">
body {
    background-size:100% 100%;}
Hey thanks buddy but there was a bit problem I don't know where should I paste this code...???
This whole code goes into your .html document, mainly the index.html file. The CSS will go int your style tags (aka stylesheet) or the style.css file if you have that.
thanks for this.
No problem
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