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Full Version: PMs from "" regarding a survey about FOSS
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I just received a PM from a new user and I assume that others received it, too. It was not customized for me, personally, and so I'm just going to cut-and-paste the whole thing here in this thread. There will likely be other users who receive the same PM and they might want to discuss it.

Quote:My name is Johannes Nguyen, a research intern working with Dr. Chitu Okoli from Concordia University's John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Canada. We are conducting a study on business models for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) including GIMP. We have identified you as a potential experienced user based on your numerous contributions to these forums of GIMP. We request your kind participation in our Delphi study whose details is described below in this message.

In this study, we prefer to have a wide range of perspectives, especially from the users of FOSS. In particular, we want to target experienced users who do not earn their living as software developers. In case you find it interesting, could you please help us know more about your experience by providing us with your personal or professional website address, LinkedIn profile link, a public CV, or other similar information?

Please reply to this message by e-mail at ******@******** call Dr. Okoli's cell phone at *********

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your kind consideration. If this message bothers you, please accept our most sincere apology.

Johannes Nguyen
Research Intern

On behalf of
Chitu Okoli, PhD
Associate Professor in Business Technology Management
John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal
Phone: *********


A Delphi study is a series of questionnaires that query experts on complex topics that require detailed knowledge and expertise to properly understand. This study will be conducted fully online, and you can respond at your own convenience--there will be no need to schedule common sessions. In June and July 2014, over the course of four to six weeks, you would be sent one online questionnaire each week, each of which should take about 10-20 minutes to complete. At your request, we can provide further details about the study.

By participating in this study, you would collaborate with international experts (not only users, but also creators, distributors, and other disciplines) to better understand business models for FOSS. Not only would you contribute to knowledge on this topic, but you could also learn from other experts as each of you interactively responds to each other's commentaries. We trust that your participation would be an excellent opportunity to learn from the consensus building, to share your knowledge and to increase your visibility in FOSS in general.
I too got that PM, sent them a reply asking for more info about the quiz or whatever it was. Never heard back, probably a bot :\
I responded to the first email and got a personal reply from the Associate Prof. It was obvious he'd actually read my original reply because he responded to a couple things I mentioned. I'm going to do it because I think it will probably end up helping to buttress the case for Open Source stuff.

Also for the money, of course. It's not much, $500 US for each questionnaire if you qualify, but it's nothing to sneeze at.

I got a copy of this too. Must admit I thought it was some sort of a scam at first. Never got a chance to go any further with it as I installed Mint 17 the next day and forgot to back up my e-mails, that was a tad annoying.
MS outlook is the only one I know of that stores your e-mails on your computer...
@ ofnuts

I use Thunderbird but I seem to remember that I set it up so that the e-mails were not saved by the host and the only copies were the ones on my PC. It seemed like a good idea at the time, in hindsight it was another of my less than brilliant ideas.
Thanks. I will have a look into that.
Good gallery ......
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