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Full Version: How to remove shaky camera ghost image?
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If you have a photo where the camera was shaking at the time, and so there is a ghost image of the whole photo, is it possible to fix that in any way? I had a look online, and saw a link about using the Unsharp Mask filter in GIMP, but I couldn't do anything with it. I would have thought that as the ghost image is so far out, and quite a lot more faded, that something could be done, but maybe I'm wrong. I've attached part of the image if anyone has any ideas.

Unsharp with the threshold setting within the unsharp mask filter. Selective blur or motion blur might fix it a bit. PS has a smart blur.


Ok, so I put it through the unsharp filter.

Then I re synthesized the blur on top of the head and near the arms, cropped.

Your welcome Smile
Thanks. I'm actually updating the photo to remove the duplicate image using a clone brush at the moment, so I'll work on unsharp afterwards I think.
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