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Full Version: Bouncing Ball Animation
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A tutorial on a simple bouncing Ball

Scroll down to the bottom to see the result

First of all create a new image by going to File | New im using 640 x 400.

Now to create our background, get the pen tool and draw the ground. (to do a straight line hold shift and ctrl)
[Image: AHZqp.jpg]

Now for the ball, create a new transparent layer then get the elipse select tool and draw a circle, fill it with whatever colour you want, im using red. Then make your foreground colour white and select gradient FG to transparent and the shape to radial. then in the top right hand side of the ball draw a small line, it should now look like there is light shining on the ball.
[Image: DVXvz.jpg]

Go to Layer Auto crop layer
[Image: HJWwZ.jpg]

Now the animation, put the ball at the top of the page then duplicate it and move the ball down a bit, keep doing this until you hit the ground then come back up and make sure the ball is in the same place as the starting position if you go to playback now you will have a long line of red following the ball
[Image: eRj2c.gif]

so download this script from saulgoode and put it in your scripts folder (C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts) then refresh your scipts Filters | Script-Fu | Refresh scripts then go to Filters | Animation | Combine Background this will do what it says it will combine your background layer with everyother layer.

Delete the background layer.

Then go Filters | Animation | Playback
[Image: CKbm5.gif]

then go and save it as a .gif file. and show me your results!

yours will be much better than mine because mine was rushed

idea of a adobe flash tutorail

feel free to request others, just 1 credit!

Awesome, I'll try to make it now. Smile
cool tutorial!

I will have a go tonight!
Ok, show me your results Smile
Nice tutorial, keep them tutorial coming iGimp. I will try this tut out soon.
Ok, look forward to results
thanks that script is a time saver!
[Image: bouncyball.gif] to upload a gif...
[gif][Image: bouncyball.gif][gif]

lets try this...?
Save as .gif, Choose ; 'Save as Animation'.
Press OK.
Upload and you have your animation.
thanks, i saved as gif...maybe i quick hit something different than animation. thanks.
(Jun 1, 2011 11:24)LucasFuture Wrote: [ -> ]Save as .gif, Choose ; 'Save as Animation'.
Press OK.
Upload and you have your animation.

love ur sig, what did u use as all of the "stuff" around the man?
Nice, but... You can also rename the secs per frames (If iGimp haven't posted that....)
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