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Full Version: Auto-crop many images all at once?
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Hi there,

If anyone could help, that would be great. I have a problem, been trying to solve it for many days. I would like to 'batch process' many images. I have loads of PNGs with tranparent backgrounds, I love the auto-crop feature, I'd like to automatically do this to hundreds of images. Basically these images have a small picture in the middle, with lots of blank space around them, I'd like to get rid of this space. It would take really long to autocrop each one manually.

(Feb 21, 2011 07:26)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]Instead of using Gimp, you should use the ImageMagick toolbox (also free software, like Gimp) and the "-trim" operator of the "convert" command.
Thanks, I will go check it out. BTW the images are all different, so they would not be all the same. Hopefully this ImageMagick can do that.

EDIT; Oh, it's command line Sad The option to trim edges is in the main app (GUI), but it only does one image at a time. In fact, it doesn't even let me open more than one image at a time. So I'm guessing there must be some kind of batch editing command line. Also, the trim option doesn't exactly trim all the way down to the picture, it leaves about 1 pixels of space, essentually a frame.
Wow, is there really know way to batch process in Gimp?!
There's definitely no non-background pixels in these images, they don't have anti-aliasing. In Gimp, it auto-crops them right to the image, no space at all. OK, I will try the command stuff, but I still can't see a way in ImageMagick to do more than one image at a time. I would use the record and batch process in Paint Shop Pro, if I could find a damn auto-crop feature. Thanks.
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