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Full Version: Need a tutorial on how to make arced text.
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I have meticulously followed every tutorial I have viewed - 5 to be exact - and have had no success in producing the results im looking for. All the tutorials are also outdated or ambiguous providing no real useful information other than the basic steps.
I am at the point where I can wrap a text to a circular path, I simply need help adjusting the orientation. Before you say use the flip or rotate tools please read on.

Im looking for something like this

TOp text here ( like this /-----\)

Item here

bottom Text here (like this \____/ )

(Obviously not these rigid shapes, i want them to follow the path of my circle selection)

I need them to wrap around my circular item, but whenever I ""text along path" it places the text on the left side of my circular path rather than on the top or bottom. Some of the tutorials i have viewed say i can go into my "path dialogue" - which is nowhere to be found (atleast the same looking as in the tutorials) - to move the path.

Can someone refer me to a update tutorial or simply explain what im doing wrong.
I can provide my source material for tutorials.
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