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Full Version: Menues Freeze
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Hi. I use Gimp a lot. Today various menu items seemed to randomly stop working and stay not working on re-starting Gimp. For example the 'Grow' option in the select drop down just ceased to work (didn't even highlight under mouse). However using right click route to Grow in Select options was ok... Then Invert in the Colours menu died. Downloaded and installed latest GIMP (Windows 2.6.10) and that has started to do the same (this time the Image Rotate 90 degrees died (but Desaturate etc is ok) ... Curious.

The only change I can think of just before this happened was adding a keyboard shortcut in Gimp Cntl L to open Level dialogue. Shortcuts survive Gimp re-intalls which ties in with what has happened

Any thoughts? No other updates on computer since Gimp was working fine a couple of days ago.

Can I change Keyboard shortcuts (I have quite a lot) back to default to see if that repairs things?

Have changed Keyboard Shortcuts back to default now and that clears the problems .. Seemingly setting Cntrl L (to Levels dialogue) and Cntrl G (Grow Selection) started this mischief... Maybe a bug issue.
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