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Full Version: 2.10.x quirkiness when saving changes....
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There was a time before 2.10 when you "flipped" an image horizontally &/or vertically and saved it, or exported it w/ a new name.. and you re opened it, your changes were there.. now since 2.10, when I save something I've changed.. and reopen it.. it's the same as it were before I saved it. Any idea/reason why? Is there a setting that makes it possible to save your changes?

When I use the magic lasso to trace something.. and then click "cut/copy" and paste it.. it wont do it.. unless I click on "View>New View" then the part I traced looks like the marching ants of 2.8.x.. is there something I'm missing..

There's A LOT of work to do the same things that took minimal work on 2.8..

I'm using arch linux, 4.17.x, 2.10.4, 16gb ram, hexcore processor

if there's any other information you need.. please ask.. I've resorted to using Krita first, then gimp to do what I used to do with just gimp.. I sincerely hope for my first post I've explained myself properly & concisely.
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