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Full Version: Problem with page setup
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I'm having some trouble with GIMP's page setup option. I recetly installed latest version (2.6.11) on a laptop running windows 7 professional. The problem is when i click page setup, nothing happens. The window doesn't appear, and no error is shown. It simply won't open. I tried reinstalling gimp. I even tried an earlier version (2.6.7) but to no avail.

I have two shared printers installed, that work fine from any program, including gimp.
The bottom line is i can print but i can not acces the page setup option.

I looked for an answer onlin but no one seems to have had this kind of problem.

Please help me resolve this issue
First of all, thanks for the response.
Unfortunately, it didn't help me identify the problem.

1. In sessionnrc i didn't find it listed.
(session-info "dock" "dock"
(position 1124 28)
(size 210 661)
(show-image-menu "true")
(follow-active-image "true"))
(current-page 0)
(dockable "gimp-layer-list"
(tab-style icon)
(preview-size 32))
(dockable "gimp-channel-list"
(tab-style icon)
(preview-size 32))
(dockable "gimp-vectors-list"
(tab-style icon)
(preview-size 32))
(dockable "gimp-undo-history"
(tab-style icon)))
(position 325)
(current-page 0)
(dockable "gimp-brush-grid"
(tab-style preview))
(dockable "gimp-pattern-grid"
(tab-style preview))
(dockable "gimp-gradient-list"
(tab-style preview)))))
(session-info "toolbox" "dock"
(position 9 54)
(size 160 648)
(current-page 0)
(dockable "gimp-tool-options"
(tab-style icon)))))
(session-info "toplevel" "gimp-preferences-dialog"
(position 192 62))
(session-info "toplevel" "gimp-text-tool-dialog"
(position 581 282)
(size 366 342))
(session-info "toplevel" "gimp-file-save-dialog"
(position 199 52)
(size 890 571))
(session-info "toplevel" "gimp-scale-tool-dialog"
(position 100 100))
(session-info "toplevel" "gimp-image-new-dialog"
(position 30 30))
(session-info "toplevel" "gimp-module-dialog"
(position 25 25)
(size 291 282))
(session-info "toplevel" "gimp-file-open-dialog"
(position 238 89)
(size 890 571))
(session-info "display" "gimp-empty-image-window"
(position 0 24)
(size 1362 706))

(last-tip-shown 15)

# end of sessionrc

2. In print-page-setup the following values appear:
DisplayName=US Letter

3. And when i run gimp in verbose mode and click page setup no messages appear.

I attached the two files you mentioned, maybe you see something that might help.
I'm opened to any other suggestions.

Thanks again.
Thanks for your advice.

I've given up trying to figure out why it doesn't work.
I think i'm going to wait for the new version.

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