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Full Version: Faces I did not use forming in my images
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This may be somewhere else on this forum but I can't find it anywhere and I can't locate anything on Google that resembles my issue. This just started happening recently as I have been using Gimp 2.8 for almost a year now. When I make a new image from the bottom up I may get in 2 layers or edit one layer and evil looking faces and reptilian images start forming in my pictures. It is making it impossible for me to make images or edit photos. On Thursday night I was working on some new headers and messing around with designs, layers, shapes, etc...and I got maybe 3 layers in when creepy faces started forming in my blended layers. This has just started within the past couple weeks and I use Gimp daily. On Thursday an entire image was formed from my layers that I did not create. I was only using shapes and this formed into an intricate piece of work. I am self taught on using these programs and maybe this has something to do with layering that I'm not aware of, but it didn't happen in the past. I've tried everything to keep this from happening but it's getting worse. The pictures that seemed to form out of nowhere this week were quite intricate and had skulls, demons, aliens, snake & lizard-like creatures and other faces that took over my image. I can't complete anything. Has anyone else had this experience and am I just doing something wrong? If I can get some info on how to stop this, I'd appreciate it as I have a lot of work to get completed soon. Here is a picture from Thursday night. I didn't draw this, it just showed up. HELP PLEASE! Thanks!-The Good Dr.[img]http://[/img][/size]
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