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Full Version: Heal Selection / Resynthesizer Errors
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Hey all,

Total GIMP newbie here, and pretty inexperienced in photo editing. Trying to get the "heal selection" feature to work, in effort to remove unwanted objects from a few images.

I downloaded the "resynthesizer" plugin to my GIMP 2.8.22 install, in effort to use the "heal selection" tool similarly to how "content aware" is used in photoshop.

The problem is, when attempting this on my computer, it gives me an error message everytime and aborts when using the picture I'm trying to modify, however OTHER pictures it can execute just fine. My procedure is I use "free form selection" to select around the unwanted object. Then I press filters-enhance-heal selection. I tried this once using a screenshot of my computer. Worked great. Tried it on another using a png of a pic I took on my iphone. It worked great.

HOWEVER, the picture I'm trying to do this to was a TIFF. I realized it was indexed colors, so I changed mode --> RGB. That still didn't help. I confirmed lock pixels and lock channel alpha were both deselected. I'm at a loss here.

I've even tried converting the tiff to a bitmap24.... same results.

Any help here? I'd prefer to keep this image in TIFF or some other uncompressed image. It is a map that I will be blowing up to print on a large wall art, so I'd like to keep the highest fidelity possible.

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