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Full Version: Linkin Park Pictures
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Hey all,

I'm not sure how beginner this question is as I'm not a beginner, but I tried creating these effects using GIMP and PSP and completely failed last night. I'm looking to create photos with the effects as shown at the two pictures below. I'm looking for a tutorial similar to those shown on gimp Once I get the basics down and one photo done successfully, I'll be able to take off and do a ton of photos with these effects. I took a bunch of photos last night and am ready to edit them. The pictures are below. Please let me know if you know the best way to do this in GIMP and if you could past a tutorial or PM me with one, that would be awesome. Thank you!

This is the one I'm concerned about doing more. Tried last night and failed miserably.

I'd like to do this one too, but not as much as the one above.
I can't get the hue correct. I see that the lighter part of the picture is the middle, and it fades darker is it goes out. I can't get a good round mixture of light around the face.
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