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Full Version: I'm Jealous
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I just talked to my old online friend AH, that I met on MySpace, back when I first got into designing. AH (Known as Grapheezy now) and I started around the same time. Him, and I teamed up with a few things, and I helped him, he helped me learning CSS, and he kind of just left out of no where and about 1 year, and 6 months later myspace was dieing, and I got a facebook. Now a year later I talk to him, and he's a famous designer now, makes me jealous as he's making layouts for ace hood, dj khaled, etc:

Here's his website -
That's impressive! Looks like a result of dedication and perseverance. An example to learn from.
professional? on one of the photos the guy is missing apart of one of his fingers xP but other than that one photo most of the others look amazing! Tongue
Don't get jealous, try to learn the good qualities which made him famous designer.
Best Of Luck....
at least its not envious, jealousy can sometimes be a good motivator, im not saying you need motivation, hell i dont even know you, dont waste your time on jealousy though, even if its productive its normally for the wrong reasons, sometimes others get breaks before others, maybe you just have something bigger coming. maybe its not even jealousy. maybe ill stop using the word maybe now.
hah, never mind...didnt realize this was 4 months old...
Ahh don't worry about it Big Grin
This site can always use some activity

And I agree completely with your first post Big Grin
Wink yeah i think ive been in all the wrong places... in the forum. or maybe i didnt sub to some threads... i wish there were a type-able sound effect for shrug...
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