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Full Version: Avoiding pixelated images????
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Hi guys. I have a big problem. Im working on .DDS images, and when i save em, i do it with mipmaps activated and with DX5 compression. The problem is the final saved image will result pixelated with horrible results, and i cant affor that. I needed to use photoshop instead for avoiding this issue (i dont have the same problem using photoshop.) , cuz the images i am working on have light areas and auras that CANT BE pixelated (no sense). Anyone knows a solution to this ?? maybe i should use different values when i save the image???

This is a screenshot of the original image:

[Image: Original.jpg]

And this is how it looks after i save the image in DDS:

[Image: After.jpg]
If i save the image on png, all is ok, and the saved image is not pixelated, but i need to save it in dds so i can apply mipmap filters. So i guess is when i apply the mipmaps when the image gets pixelated.
The only thing i do is to "cut" the original image and rotate it 90 degrees. Then i save it as DDS. As i said, if i use Photoshop for doing the same thing, i dont get those pixelated images. I know the DDS filter is still in development (and with some bugs that i think will never be fixed..) but how is this possible? i really dont want to come back to photoshop.. sigh.
I just discovered that i can avoid to saving pixelated dds files just avoiding to save the image as compressed image. The size is about 4x but thats the only way u can get non "corrupted" DDS files with mipmaps using Gimp..
Maybe, but the weird thing is the compression of dds files works perfect in photoshop... Huh
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