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Full Version: Metallic sprites?
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My main interest in using GIMP is to make top-down sprites for certain games. I used because it worked well at the time, until I found this free sprite on line:
[Image: file.php?id=974]
The creator claims he made it in GIMP. I cannot locate the artist, unfortunately. I love the way it looks metallic, so I switched from using to GIMP because I wanted to make sprites that looked like this.

It took me awhile, but so far this is about the best I can come up with:
[Image: GOehL.jpg]

Don't get me wrong, I think they look great, but I can't quite get the metallic effect. I've tried embossing and bumpmaps of grayscale images and lighting effects, but I just can't quite get the shininess without totally distorting the image.

Is there some filter or plugin effect that I can apply to help?
I've always been a bit confused by curves.

If I understand correctly, are curves analogous to a sound equalizer on a stereo system? If I raise the curves on the right side I accent/increase the lighter colors, and to the left the lower/darker colors?--almost like a sound equalizer affects the lower/higher frequencies from left to right?
Just want to say thanks! It works pretty well!

[Image: kpps1.png]

They look much more like a little metal tanks and far less dull!
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